So Many Firsts

Claire had her first....
...trip to see Great Grandma & Grandpa Osgood

...taste of ice cream

...experience petting a dog (and getting licked!)

...time seeing/dipping her feet in the Pacific ocean

...time playing with sand

...ride on a carousel

...ride through the woods in G-Grandpa's bucket wheel-barrow


We had a fun and wonderful time in Ocean Park, this weekend! Chris and I had our first date in four months. Grandpa Osgood has connections with the local movie theater owner (he use to work at the Wilma, in Missoula!) so we got in for a complimentary viewing of Star Trek...the 9 o'clock showing (such wild party animals, I know).

I also got to see some *priceless* movies of Christopher as a little boy! My Uncle Ron has a brief clip of footage of me as an 18 month old...it's fascinating and I'm so jealous there aren't more videos like that. It's really a surreal thing to watch videos of oneself as a child. I also got to see my darling sisters-in-law! SUCH CUTE KIDS! :)

We also were served a hefty share of ice cream (just as Kate predicted we would). Grandma Osgood helped me with some baking lessons. We made 2 batches of carob brownies (sweetened with honey alone and used only rice flour) and a batch of almond butter carob cookies (sweetened with maple syrup). DELICIOUS :)

Grandpa Osgood also caught us up on some oldies but goodies in the film department. I made him shake his head in disbelief because of my lack of film knowledge/experience.

What a restful, reviving and yet busy weekend! Did I mention that the weather was *p*e*r*f*e*c*t*!???

Claire loves her Great Grandparents!

Claire got more than a few doggy kisses

Family picture!

Hanging with her sweet g-grandma

*yummy* cookies...about as healthy as they get, too!

Eatin' at (or applying to) the Hungry Harbor Grill

This is the ONLY time I got her to wear her shades. She's a kool kat.


The Carousel!



Katie Fleming said...

I LOVE how fascinated she is by the sand:-)

wendy said...

...hey, I was going to say that! So cute, discovering new things!

katieoz said...

she did love the sand! I wish i could have captured a good video of her singing and clapping as we got nearer to the actual ocean. It was pretty adorable.

taxi-mom1 said...

I wish we could have been there to see Claire's first visit to the beach. The pictures are totally adorable. Can't wait to make sandcastles with the grandkids.


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