Shameless Begging

I really want to go back to Missoula this summer (July 17, 18,19) !  One of my dearest friends is returning from overseas, another dear friend celebrating her recent marriage and I just MISS Missoula!  If you live in Missoula and have a living room we can crash in and maybe a closet or small room we could throw a baby and her pack-n-play in, I would be eternally grateful!  As incentive, I'll bring gifts from the Made in Oregon store...that's enticing, right?  


Edit:  Woohoo! We have a place to stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'll be seeing YOU, Missoula! Get ready for the Oz family!


Rachel said...

Shut up! I'm going to Missoula to meet my sister that weekend! Would you like to meet for coffee sometime? You have my phone number, yes? Is your cell phone the same as before? (Also, who got married?)


katieoz said...

haha! how hilarious is that! We live like 30 minutes from each other but we meet for coffee 450 miles from where we live. I do have your number. Not sure how much time we'll have, it's going to be busy. But if not there, then back home we should have coffee.

Erin and Mike, from my brother's class, at Valley, got married.


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