I promise, I'll update soon!  It's really easy to get behind.  Then so much happens and it's hard to pick/choose what to update on because there's too much to update on if you update everyone on everything! right?!  


  • Our entire little family flew over to Idaho to see Grandma, Grandpa, Cousins Aspen, Aidan, Cordelia and Auntie Lisa.
  • Claire has 5 teeth, almost 6
  • Claire has taken a maximum of 3 steps unassisted and continues to take steps.  She builds up to her goals.
  • I'm in process of getting things ready for her 1st Birthday party! *ACK!*
  • Chris and I are considering the idea of purchasing our first home, in Portland...but we're not going to do it if God doesn't help things fall into place.  We will meet with a mortgage broker soon to get the skinny on what our financial picture looks like.
  • I keep thinking about eventually getting a (very) party time job...not sure what it would be and praying that God can give me some guidance with that one, as well! 
  • We finally joined a Home Community group with our church...and it's great!

I think that's the gist.  See you soon.  And I promise I'll be back with pictures and videos!  We all know you don't come here to READ what I write! haha  xoxo, katie


miranda said...

lol, wow, you are a busy girl. Can't wait to READ, lol. more. She is getting so big I can't believe she's almost a year old.


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