I think she's walking.

So, I've been conflicted. Claire took her first unassisted steps at 10 months but I didn't really count that as "walking". She's had more and more success with walking, yet I've been hesitant to say, "Yeah, Claire's walking now". I mean, she IS walking (like 10-15 steps at a time...sometimes). Like today when her Oma and Opa were over here visiting, she walked (several times) back and forth across the room, to and from people. My mother-in-law totally thinks she can rightfully be classified as a walking baby. But she (Claire, not my mother-in-law) she does a fair amount of crawling to get places.

What do you think? Is it okay to give the "she's walking" nod or do I have to wait until that is really her only mode of mobility before I can claim that milestone met? I'm curious what others think.

Anyway......In other news!

Well, not much news. Just putting all sorts of things together for Claire's 1st Birthday party! Less than a month to go! Some might think I've gone overboard but I think I am just barely starting to get in touch with a crafty side; her Birthday is my excuse. It's the fate of many stay-at-home moms, methinks :) haha. But seriously. Crafty stuff is fun. Who cares if it actually looks cute! Well, actually, I do. It's all of these crazy blogs out there that keep giving me idea after idea! I can't seem to cut myself off.

Well, that's the end of this post. Sorry friends...I'm just too tired to post pictures. I'll try to come up with some good eye-candy in the next post. It'll probably be pictures from our road trip to SPOKANE, WA, and MISSOULA, MT! Until then, all my love :)


Kate and Matt said...

I think you are TOTALLY justified in saying she's walking. As soon as Mitch gets a couple steps I'm going to call it. For now he just won't let go!

katieoz said...

Sweet! Well actually now it's not really ambiguous. She IS walking. About 75% of her mobility now is walking...just in the past couple days!!!! She really gets the momentum going and kinda gets ahead of herself and careens in the floor. btw, Mitch is so freaking cute I can't stand it!

Katie Fleming said...

Yay!! She is getting so big too, wow! How is the birthday party planning going??

kranberrys said...

Well...You can NEVER be too crafty of have too many projects going. I mean come on...I am only in the process of cutting and sewing over 20 car seat tents, making 2 crib sheets for a gal at church and also haven't even started on my sisters baby's bedding set...I might add all this needs done by the end of August... Karissa


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