(post piggy-tail hair, right before bed...credit to Jess S. for this photo)

Well, we've been back almost a week. It was a long road trip, lots and lots of time in the car but we all made it and had a good time! Claire really toughed it out. She is OFFICIALLY crazy walking baby, therefore probably that much more tough for her to be a car seat for so long when she wanted to practice her new, awesome skill. We do have video proof.

Since I'm not that great of a writer I'll just show you our trip :)

We decided to flip her carseat around, considering the long drive.

I was SHOCKED! It's been a few years but since then inflation has hit! It use to be the 10,000 Silver $!

We made it to Missoula...
...a little road weary and just weary in general since she hadn't really gotten a single nap in 2 days.
Ahhh...meal time with her new friend, Jess(er).

The next morning we hung out a bit at Farmer's Market and let Claire walk around.
Then we got stopped by some Japanese tourists who got really excited when they saw Claire and decided to get some souvenir photos of the cutest American baby ever. Seriously, that is what happened.

Then we hopped in the car (again!) and drove up to Polson to celebrate our friends' marriage to one another!
Congratulations, Mike & Erin!!!
And Claire got to meet one of her potential, future suitors, Colin :)

And her potential future mother-in-law, Shannon!

And of course, play with Jess some more!

All this was possible because of wonderful Mz. Janet (and Dave!) who let us crash in their wonderfully large and air-conditioned basement!

All proper Missoula farewells must end with a cup of coffee at Bernice's Bakery :)

...sucking on Papa's coffee spoon
And of course, making a new friend...Sylvia! :)

Bye bye, Missoula! It was nice to see (have met) you!


Jessi said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! My thoughts: 1) Isn't Missoula great? I miss living in Zoo-town! 2)What the heck 50,000 Silver Dollar?? When did this happen? 3) Celebrating new marriages = fun! 4) Yummy to Farmer's Market and Bernice's!!!

Katie Fleming said...

LOVE the pic of Claire sleeping hugging her lion doll!

I'm glad you guys had a good time!!:-)

kranberrys said...

Her hair grew a ton since June! I 2nd that Katie...LOVE the sleeping /lion pic!

Looks like you had a blast!

sylvia said...

it was so good to see you and Chris and meet little Claire. she's joy, for sure. i especially love the pic with her and "potential suitor" Colin. and i think Jess looks good with a babe in her arms, yes? :) oh, and the Japanese tourists? wow. i am humbled to know that i got to hold that baby!


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