Save the chit chat...

...and get to what really matters:  pictures and videos.  Here's the smorgasbord (I've never spelled the word until now)! These are from our trip to Idaho a couple weeks ago.


EDIT: Videos not loading for some reason.  Will attempt to ammend later.


With Granddad

Video of Claire bouncing, eating, squealing in the inflatable bouncer contraption my sister got for the cousins.

The girl cousins
Claire, loving her Papa and her new lion, Herald.

Claire, Chris & Aspen...Aspen's shirt says, "I Run With Vampires" hahaha...oh Twilight!

I could NOT get enough of this amazing dress my niece, Cordelia, wore to church.  I totally encouraged her to wear it!  Ya know, there's such a small window in one's life that you can actually get away with it and have it be AWESOME! I will encourage any such awesomeness for Claire, as well.

Successful little climber...see video below, also.
My beautiful sister, Lisa, and her babies, Cordelia and Aidan....tea party time (it's a tradition)!
Claire's first tea party!

Cordelia, rocking the fox fur and eating delicate frosted animal cookies.

Snuggles with Grandma (and Joe)!
Snuggles with Auntie Lisa (and Joe, again!)

All together, with their favorite aunt/momma.

It was tricky to keep her from kicking the seat of people in front of us.
Almost back home: Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier? or is that Mt. St. Helens, in the distance?

Claire was pretty chatty with the cutie 18-month-old twins, sitting the row ahead of us.



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