When will it stop!?

Wow. Seriously. GOING. TO. DIE. And supposedly this isn't the worst of it. It was 105 degrees today. Tomorrow is suppose to be 107. Our freezer can't even keep up with all this heat (it tooke 15 hours to halfway freeze water into ice cubes)!

Maybe I'm SUCH a wimp but seriously this is INSANE. Of course, it stinks for Chris and me but moreso it just makes me really worry about Claire. Whenever we're not roaming the mall or Target or Fred Meyer or *anywhere* air conditioned to avoid the scorching oven we call home, she's stripped down to her bloomers. And still she sweats like crazy. And I shove her water cup at her constantly, add water to her food even to make sure she's hydrated enough and aim a fan directly at her in her crib during naps/nighttime.
I would NEVER make it in the South.
Anyway, here are some fun videos :) Warning...Claire is REALLY cute in these videos so make sure you can handle it!

Playing games with Claire while road-tripping

Proof that she is walking!

Me pretending to sneeze and Claire trying to copy


And uh...She's turning one in exactly ONE WEEK! Last year, on this date, I was freaking out because it was my due date and I wasn't in labor. Seems like forever ago!


miranda said...

that is so cute. I love all of the video's. I wish I still had my little purple camera for things like that. The sneezing one is precious... just wait until she's making herself burp and thinks she's big stuff... yeah... kids are nuts! :)

taxi-mom1 said...

the pictures are so adorable! I have been thinking of you guys. It is so miserable. I've been using a lot of ice, putting it in front of the fan, etc. Even putting my feet on an ice pad I made with a ziplock bag. I will be praying for some relief for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

So cute!!! Thanks for sharing these moments in the life of Claire! And the heat...crazy. I asked Hugh yesterday if we were in hell. I miss you & would love to see you. Did you get my e-mail? I can visit this weekend, Saturday or Sunday :) Love you!



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