1 Year

Happy Birthday, Claire (and Prez Obama)!

One year ago, today...
I LOVE this moment because it is literally a picture of "sweet relief".

She showed signs of wanting to be a little mariachi dancer

I think I probably could have fallen asleep right then and there too. Definitely the biggest adjustment is the lack of sleep. I'm super wimp when it comes to sleep.

Can't believe she was ever this tiny.
And now:

Jo is with her, wherever she goes!

Giving the grumpy, constipated *toddler* a load of berries/prunes.

Literally running away with my keys

I love you, sweet girl!


taxi-mom1 said...

Wow, can you believe it mommy? I'll bet there were times when you never thought you'd make it to this day. God is so good and his blessings are awsome. Happy Birthday Claire bear. Love you!!!

miranda said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful girl. I hope you all have a great day!

Katie Fleming said...

Aww, happy birthday Claire!!!

Lisa said...

Happy birthday Claire!! :)

Katie Oz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katieoz said...

Claire says, "Thanks, everyone! You've all be such a FABULOUS part of my life this year!"

Jessi said...

She is so cute! Happy Birthday to her and congrats on reaching the milestone of 1 year old. Each and every day is precious... enjoy it!

Todd and Chelsie said...

aww Happy Birthday to Claire!! :-)


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