Baby fever

It may be summer but I'm somehow caught in a BLIZZARD of pregnant people, about to give birth! (like my awesome joke?) But seriously. I really can't believe how many people are pregnant.

Add another one to the list....

.....NOOOOOOOO! NOT ME, YOU CRAZY PEOPLE! Claire is going to have another cousin! Auntie Kate, Uncle Joey and Cousin Jude are expecting another little one in March! Whew! The news is FINALLY out and I can tell the world. It was more than a little shocking, but even more exciting! *fingers crossed for a girl cousin*

So, while I'm not ready (in my mind...or body!) to have another one, I find myself fighting this so-called baby fever. It's evil really. It tricks you. Somehow it infects your mind and makes you forget *everything*...sleepless nights, awesome every day nausea for 2 months+, vomiting, waddling, baby kicking your cervix, labor (which, can be a wonderful thing...but in my experience, not so much), even worse sleepless nights once the baby comes, and on and on. Even my hair changed forever. Not necessarily a bad thing, I just don't yet know how to manage frizzy, wavy hair since I've had nothing but fine, 100% straight, silky locks all my life. I only appreciate it now that I don't have it.

However, even all those things considered...this little miracle of life growing inside....it's basically too amazing to resist the temptation of at least *thinking* about doing it again. And I will. I'd like to have 3 kids, that's my ideal. Four kids and you might have to commit me. So, we'll see how things go. Maybe in another year or two Claire's cousins will be looking forward to another cousin from our end...literally.



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