Hey, you! Spaghetti face!

Every kid has to have these pictures, right? Poor child is exhausted while we work on transitioning to one nap.

Life has been pretty busy. Last week, at this time, Chris and I were looking at a house that we were *this* close to putting an offer on before the door slammed in our faces and someone else's offer was accepted. Seriously. The house was on the market for 2 days. It was perfect, but apparently not as perfect as we thought.

Days before viewing and *almost* putting an offer on it, we had basically come to this decision that we were going to be content with where we are (in the 'burbs) and sign a lease for our apartment. The next day, we were sort of dragged back into the home purchasing experience further than ever! And it all happened SO FAST! Though we didn't even get a chance to get our offer in, Chris and I did share a celebratory pizza...it was kind of a big deal! I went to go see a really great house a couple days later. Loved it. Really wanted to put an offer on it. But financing restrictions prevented that. SO! It seems we're back into really looking for a house, not really sure why or if it'll turn up anything because so far it's all a no-go.

Other fun things include all of Claire's new words and one or two sentences she throws out there. My favorite is when she went up to my friend Wendi's dog and said, very sweetly, "Hi baby!" As of right now she says: momma (only when complaining), papa, dja dja (meaning joe joe for her favorite lion friend), hi (says this CONSTANTLY), interesting variations of up and down, rawr (the sound the lion makes), teet teet (birdies), ticka kickle titckl (for tickle), and then another word that kinda sounds like witch with a 'b' but we're not exactly sure what it means....she's been saying that one over a month....hope it's not what it sounds like!

Enjoy this little video :)


~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

Oh my gosh! She's so big!!

katieoz said...

it is kiiinda crazy, huh? We'll have to stop by and see you sometime when we're up in the 'Couve!

Todd and Chelsie said...

aww she is sooo cute!! Joel only says mamma if he is crying and really upset too...I hope one of these days he will get it out!


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