Until next year

Actually, next year won't be as crazy as this year. I'm referring to Claire's Birthday celebration, in case you aren't sure what I'm talking about. She turned one on Tuesday but the partay was yesterday.

I've been preparing for quite awhile...frequenting the Dollar Tree for cheap decor supplies, creating/updating Birthday planning spreadsheets (minimize the chaos in my mind), etc. I was really quite worried that other people were going to beat me to the park and claim the territory required. And to an extent that happened. I even got up early and got to the park by 7:45 am...but another couple got there just before me and claimed the spot I'd had in mind. THANKFULLY the other spot was still vacant. Not long after I was setting up some other party-planners for the day came to scout out the location. Whew!

Anyway! It was a smash hit and we had a lot of fun! About 35 adults, kids and babies (combined) were in attendance and it was just right! There were actually about 10 more projected to come but I think my husband was relieved that he could take a break from grilling so that he could actually eat! The kids had lots of fun playing in the sand and on the play structures. Towards the end of the party a bunch of us took a walk around the park and I was so glad to see the animals on the adjacent property were out. We're talking horses, foals, goats, sheep and some donkeys in the distance. Micah was hilarious, "Mom!!!!!!!!!! That goat is peeing!!!!! MOM LOOK!!!!"

I really wish I could have gotten better pictures/videos. I was really scrambling, feeding Claire, setting things up, talking to everyone so the pictures aren't as detailed as I wanted them to be. Nevertheless there are a few! If you were there and got pictures please email them to me!

The sun decided to come out, which was nice, however it forced me to give up my vision of having a grand dessert table display with the Birthday banner and decorations as the festive backdrop. The sun started to melt the cupcakes and Claire's cake so we had to rearrange. I'm kind of a detail freak about some things. I think it still looked fabulous, if I do say so myself!

Birthday pose with cousin William, Oma & Opa.

Claire's cake: BEFORE

Playing in the sand/water. Claire looks like she's staring adoringly at Molly :) I don't know what I would have done without my niece, Aspen! She was so awesome with Claire!

Cupcakes! So delicious! Funfetti, lemon and chocolate!

The complete ensemble! My friend, Jessi, crocheted that fantastic crown out of paper mache!

Aspen + Claire = BFF

Jack had fun in the sand :)

She didn't want to eat it at first but had fun smooshing it.

Then she got an actual bite which lead to fun playing with it and eating it!

Hence, Claire's Cake: AFTER

Video of Claire at Cake Time

Probably the coolest thing ever! Jeni (Molly's mom) hand painted this little rocking chair for Claire and SHE LOVES IT! She loved Molly's little Panda rocker but now she has her own little Lion rocker!
Just chillaxin' in the swing with Jo.
The one thing I wish I had done differently was to have my polaroid camera there so I could have gotten a picture of each guest. Like how we did it at our wedding. I love going through our guest book and being able to see all the people who were there.
Alrighty! Well next on the planning list is a baby shower! Give me a couple days and I'll be ready to start in again :)


Jessi said...

How fun! Good job at planning everything - lots of work but looks like everything turned out great!

~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

Aww! It turned out super cute!

katieoz said...

Jessi - It was indeed lots of work but so fun :)

Beth - thanks! we missed you :)

~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

I know! I was bummed I couldn't be there. I wished her a happy b-day as I cut cranky old men's hair.


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