Baby B Shout OOUUUTT!!!

Raise 'da roof to Holly & Josh, who had an amazing home-birth and delivered little baby girl Aiden at 1:14 am today! Seriously 9-9-09 is the last single digit birthday for the next 1000 years! I'm so jealous of her birthday!

However, I am so INSPIRED by Holly (and Josh)! They've had their share of mixed feedback regarding their birth choices but they stuck to it and did what they saw as the best choice, for them. It's definitely food for thought as I consider birthing options in my (rather distant) future. I don't think I would be up for a homebirth necessarily, but I definitely am intrigued by a birth center experience. Basically, I think I don't want to be in the hospital again.

Ahhh...but instead of worrying about tomorrow, I'm going to reel myself back into the present and treasure the things I have at hand right now.

Claire is so excited to meet her new friend!


Jessi said...

Nothing gets people more fired up than that very debate! Right after we moved away from Missoula, a birth center opened up. I was very bummed that I missed it and would have to give birth in a hospital. Well... long story short I didn't really have an option once my body decided for me.

Home births freak me out by the way :)Good for your friends though!


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