Baby Season

It started with Holly and now the Fall/Winter lineup of new babies will be rolling on out soon. I have at least one friend/month due with a baby from now on until March. Yikes! On a related note, my wonderful friend Heidi is due to have her baby boy in November. I was so honored to throw her a baby shower on Sunday (assisted by her friend Beth, her sister Deidre and our mutual friend Jeni). I could not have asked for things to turn out better!

The Guest of Honor: Heidi (isn't she so lovely!?)

The setting: beautiful, rural foresty plot of land where her sister lives.

The weather: P.E.R.F.E.C.T. All the trees/grass extra plushy green from the rain the day before and nothing but bright, blue and breezy skies with sunlight twinkling through the trees.

The guests: about 18 of Heidi's closest friends

The theme: Bb is for the birds and the bees....and baby boy!

I had a lot of fun planning the decorations. Crafting is a challenge for me, but the more I do it, the easier it is for creativity to flow. There is almost nothing I love more than to have a vision in my head and to feel just as happy with the actual end result.

Instead of cake we opted for pie! And lots of it! Raspberry, Apple, Chocolate Cream, Peach and Blackberry. Of course, we also had ice cream.

The yellow ferny-type things were a fun find at Michaels in the clearance section. The brown patterned pie stand stand is one of our DVD storage boxes we got from IKEA last year.

I even got a little crazy and made flavor-flags for the pies!

Love the Dollar Tree frames :)

This apothecary jar has been worth the $40 I spontaneously spent on it two years ago. I originally bought it for our wedding and stuffed it with pink and brown marshmallows at our s'mores bar.

The nit-picker in me had to really let go when I realized that somewhere along the way, I lost my "iced tea" sign. I suffered through the asymmetry of the drink display.

The MOST beautiful, green day.

The tablescape.

Amazing what a napkin, more Dollar Tree frames, buttons, spanish moss, pipe cleaner and yarn will get you!

Not to mention more pipe cleaner, the top of a 2 liter soda and twine!

Did I also mention that coffee filters are quite versatile? I also got pretty lucky with the $0.49 cent lanterns I found (again) in the Michael's clearance section. Heidi even decided she'd want to use them in the nursery therefore making it the best deal ever!

I set up my polaroid camer and leftover polaroid film to equal a really fun guestbook! Heidi also kept all the little signs and some napkins to add to the scrapbook later on.

It was fun to have so many moms and babies at the baby shower!

I took this picture way before most of the gifts actually arrived!

The MOST fun part of the shower :)


Jessi said...

Looks amazing! Love the look of the whole thing!

katieoz said...

thank you so much, Jessi! I think I'm addicted to party throwing. Hoping your family is doing well now that Jack is home!

Anonymous said...

I really, really, really think you should plan parties! My baby shower was absolutely delightful & I will always remember it. Thanks again dear friend. Love, Heidi

Erin said...

Katie!!! I'm at a loss for words! I don't know why you can't see just how great you are at crafting and designing and all that--everything I've ever seen you do looks utterly amazing! I love love love the colors you chose and the Bb theme. I want to see more parties!

katieoz said...

Heidi, I am so glad. You deserve all the love and pampering in the world!

Erin, I am slowly seeing that I have an artistic spark. Successes like this do help build confidence. It is not effortless though...maybe that's reality for all crafters but i guess I thought that people who craft are just perfect at it and have a constant flow of natural creativity. This is likely not the case...which seems to put me in the same boat as many other crafters. Though still, I do feel the process is still laborious for me....it is getting easier and more enjoyable the more I do it! Which is what all crafters tell me! It's all about practice! I'm slowly seeing that I have at least some sort of an eye for good things/ideas. I dunno if I could ever do this as a living. it would stress me out too much because I'm a horrible self-critic. Maybe one day I'll be strong enough :)

Lisa said...

KATIE!! You are the hostess with the mostess!! :) Loved all the decorations and tablescapes and EVERYTHING! Looked like a FUN place to be! :)

katieoz said...

haha! Thanks Lisa! I try! I'm not there yet, but it is super fun!!!! Maybe someday I'll be good enough that people will pay me for it. THAT would be pretty awesome :)


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