House Hunters

A year ago Chris and I thought about buying a house. That was quickly SHUT DOWN for many reasons but overall, after praying about it a lot we felt like God was like, "uh, no." So, we moved on. Then, a few months ago the topic was broached again...I think my mom started it.

Ever since then we seem to meet lots of green lights. In the process, we connected with an amazing mortgage broker and financial planner who is friends with friends of ours (Tony, with Equity Mortgage) whose philosophy about home buying and loving Jesus with all that we have is just so amazing and irresistible! He gave us a BUNCH of homework as we looked to refocus our finances. During that time we didn't really think we were "prepared" to buy a home. Then, we met Rick, our Realtor (also a friend of our friends and helped them get their current home). He and Tony are good friends too and have a great working relationship. So little pieces of the puzzle just started falling into place. Still, we weren't seriously thinking we'd buy. We did go to see a couple homes and it was depressing, to say the least. Let's just say that seeing what we can afford was pretty eye-opening! haha!

Chris and I decided we were glad to be in a place with people who could give us sound and wise advice but that we were okay with signing a lease and staying in our apartment. Then, this house came on the market:

It's the first house I have loved in this process. And it is one block away from our friends who hooked us up with Tony and Rick in the first place! We were FLOORED when we saw it...sure it's a cosmetic fixer but has SO MUCH possibility. More than anything we loved the location...so close to our old stomping grounds in SE PDX, close to our friends (one block away!) and our church. It was on the market about 2 days and we were so close to getting our offer in before another was accepted. *sigh*

It seemed we'd gone from being content to rent to active home-perusing again. Then this house came up. It was perfect inside! Totally move-in ready! Awesome yard! Not the super greatest neighborhood but not bad at all! We wanted to buy it. But couldn't because of FHA financing restrictions and the house just being flipped. We wouldn't be eligible to even put an offer on it until Oct. 23 and by then it would be too late to close in order to take advantage of the $8,000 first time home owner's tax credit.

In both scenarios I think we learned so much! Especially about how quickly things can happen and/or change. We felt disappointment but overall have experienced an amazing comfort knowing that God loves us (and all of His creation!) and that He will provide whatever is right in the right time.

So today, I went to go see this house. And tonight, Chris gets to go see it with me again. I really like it. Needs a few little cosmetic things but overall it's great! Great yard, storage, layout, basement, area, access to work, friends, family, church, the city! We'll be aimed and ready to make an offer if all things seem right. If not, we're growing daily in learning to be okay with wherever we are!


Edit:  And the search continues....


wendy said...

What cute little houses! :) I've heard awesome things about Tony... you should put a link to him. Take your time and God will lead you to the right home! How fun!
(side note: omg! the verification code this time is "mocoma" isn't that ironic??)

katieoz said...

Tony is totally awesome and I do need to link him. I might put a permanent link on my blog actually. It seems we will be taking some time as the searc continues 3 houses struck from the option list :) It's easy to get frenzied when the government is hanging $8,000 in front of you if you can make the deadline. But really, who wants to be in a house JUST because of money that's not really free anyway? I"m sure when we find "it" we'll both know :)

i could totally go into a mocoma right now

Lisa said...

House hunting!!! WOO HOO! :)Are you only looking in SE? I've seen a few come up for sale here in my neighborhood. No idea what the prices are though.

kranberrys said...

So ...any update?


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