'Tis the season

FOR CANDY CORN! Oh sweet, chewy, wonderful candy corn...how I love thee! Gone are the days of your regular ol' candy corn. Indian corn has long been my favorite, along with the pumpkins. However, there are now caramel apple (mmmm), chocolate (mmmmm), chocolate and caramel (mmmm), caramel (meh), tropical (YUCK!), and perhaps even newer varieties this candy corn season.

Last night, my craving was so acute that I actually got in the car and went to the store for the sole purpose of getting candy corn; I have been thinking of it for a few weeks now. I get to the checkstand with my little bag of Indian corn...get ready to pay...look for my wallet.....looking frantically for my wallet....emptying my purse, searching in vain for my wallet that I LEFT AT HOME! I wasn't so ridiculous that I actually went home, got my wallet and came back to purchase the candy corn (though, the thought did cross my mind).

But, I think you all know what I plan to buy today. Yes. Candy corn.

However, I am also really interested in doing what this girl did - she made her own candy corn! That sounds like something crazy enough for me to want to do it.

Stay tuned! Who knows, maybe I'll mail people some homemade candycorn in celebration for reaching 10,000 hits on my blog!


miranda said...

ok, so you made me hungry for them now. I was just lucky that Jeff was at the store already when I read this. And I'm hoping that he ignores his instinct to tell me that I'll be fine without them and just make my day by bringing some home with him. :). I'll let you know the outcome. I hope you got to go to the store today to satisfy your craving as well. :)

miranda said...

Successful! Not only did he bring me a big back of the normal candycorn... but he brought an Autumn Mix (containing regular, chocolate & pumpkins) :). It is a good day.

katieoz said...

yay! you deserve it, oh wonderfully pregnant lady :) I like the Autumn Mix because it has chocolate and the pumpkins...but I always feel sad there aren't more chocolate. So I always get one or the other. My favorite would be an autumn mix with no original candy corn. I just got my Indian Corn mix. It's so good but man, I really do forget how super sweet it is.

miranda said...

yes super sweet indeed. He brought home the bag at 4:30ish, and the whole family continued to munch on them until after 6 when we remembered that we needed to get super together... needless to say I wasn't that hungry and pretty much forced it down to show the kids that was the right thing to do... Kadence is still working on her supper almost 2 hours later. Oops!

Lisa said...

Don't tell Scott that I could MAKE candy corn... he LOVES the stuff. :) I might have to go pick up a little bag for him, just because. :)


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