Camera Eyes

Ever since Claire has "gone mobile" I don't take as many pictures as I once did. Meaning, I only take about 500/week instead of 5,000/week. But seriously, I find that she's speeding through all these stages, looking so much older as each day passes and I forget to capture it on camera. Yes, I capture it in my mind but it's so easy to forget how she looks or things she does because it changes so quickly.

Chris still teases me about when we were first dating and I told him that if I could have any *ability* it would be to have camera eyes. Seriously, how awesome would that be!? To capture an image EXACTLY as YOU see it...and be able to print it and frame it! Or at least blog it, right!? So that's what I wish. I wish I could just blink, capture her lovely face without worrying about the stupid flash, or if she was moving to fast to get a clear shot. Just to have that perfect picture.

Maybe I could even have some abstract photography taken with my eyes when I don't have contacts in or glasses on. That would be something. But, I digress.

Today, I did pick up the camera so I'll share a few shots.

Well, okay...this was 3 days ago. She loves my really gross headband and is so proud of herself when she actually gets it on her head.

Happy girl, clapping with all of her heart.


Katie Fleming said...

Wow, I can't believe how fast she is growing up! And I think you take awesome pics btw:-) I wish you could take some for me... I can never capture the moment very well, lol!

Erin said...

Camera eyes would be awesome! I never thought to wish for that (which is odd, considering how I devoured Cam Jensen books growing up...she would blink her eyes and say 'Click', not because she could take actual pictures but because she had a photographic memory...anywho). I did, however, spend lots of thought on the idea that maybe God had camera eyes of sorts, and heaven would be filled with snapshots (and/or videos) of us and all the moments we forgot to notice. That could be really great or really scary!

~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

I cannot freaking BELIEVE how BIG she is!!!! Omg, she's practically in jr. high! She looks so much older! Man does time fly...


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