More Than a Pleasant Surprise

This weekend my mom, dad and niece Aspen came over to Portland, so Chris and I could get away and celebrate our 2nd anniversary sans the baby child. However, Chris and I did get an opportunity to spend a little special time with Aspen - we took her out to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

I'll admit, I wasn't really looking forward to it. I had seen a couple trailers for the film and it looked like the typical, painful movie for younger audiences. But, for my lovely Aspen, I could bear through it. Chris was looking forward to the flick even less than me. Imagine our surprise when we found ourselves laughing so uproariously that it put all the kids to shame. At times, I was uncontrollably snort-laughing. And when I'd glance over at Chris he almost looked like he was in pain because he was laughing so hard.

Neither of us can put our finger on exactly what was SOOO fantastic about this movie. But it sure surprised us! For me, I just loved the characters and there were a few that really made the movie! Also, the animation was fantastic and it wasn't a movie that depended on copious pop-culture humor and sexual innuendo to appease the adults forced to attend. It was just beyond-great writing, wonderful characters, visually pleasing and a fun story!

I totally recommend this movie. Don't watch the trailer though because it makes the movie look like what I expected. Thankfully, we got what we didn't expect...and so much more!



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