My Pumpkin

Today, I took Claire out to a little pumpkin patch near our apartment. She had a lot of fun hopping on and off big pumpkins, eating gourds, and seeing all the animals (ponies, puppies, cows, llamas, goats, chickens and pigs). I resisted the insane urge to buy and eat a bag of freshly made pumpkin donuts. I may have to get some for Halloween night, however.

IY Autumn.


Betherann said...

SO cute! And I admire your fortitude -- I could not have resisted pumpkin donuts. I'm a pumpkin junkie.

Karen said...

Love the pictures. Claire seems to be enjoying the cows (calves) and not afraid at all. That's our Claire, fearless.

Jessi said...

Pumpkin doughnuts?! YUM! You must go back there and try some and then let us know how they are. Sounds so good! And Claire, as always, is adorable.

katieoz said...

yeah....i am totally breaking and will often think of those pumpkin donuts. I think we might go get one tomorrow. As well as a pumpkin.

yes, MomO! She is fearless when it comes to animals. She was seriously SNUGGLING with the calves. It was hilarious. The one right behind her was eating her sweater.

Erin said...

I love her cute Fall outfit! She looks just like her mama.


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