These are the Days of Claire's Life

Lately, I've had my camera out a LOT more than usual. Claires friends, experiences, joys and traumas all for you to view. At times, it is like a soap opera.

Recently, Claire discovered that she loves sitting in things. She loves sitting in this hamper as well as her potty chair which she flips upside down and stuffs herself into. Don't worry, we haven't actually been using it yet.

Claire also got to play with her friend, Molly, last week! They had fun providing this photo op for me.

Pictures can be deceiving. Right here it looks like they're cooperating pretty well. But Claire really doesn't like this whole "sharing" business. These two gave a new meaning to the word "sassy".

Of course, no day is complete without talking on the phone. She loves the phone. She makes anything into a "phone"....blocks, remotes, paper, shoes, balls, etc.

Oma and Opa brought back a new friend from London! She *loves* Paddington.

Another sweet picture with her cousin....another one not showing the sassiness involved with (not) sharing/taking everything he even showed a slight interest in.

And this is Claire with her (boy)friend, Ben. They love each other and always greet each other with a little head-bow/nuzzle.

And then she pokes his eyes out.

Here we are again, in the hamper, snuggling with her buddy, Calcifer. I have to say, she is really really good with the kitty. Usually very soft and very snuggly with him. He doesn't even run away when he sees her coming!

She was so hungry she ate gravel. And it didn't taste good. Actually, she's only crying because I held her down to get a picture of her face.

A very hungry/tired little girl.

But happy now.



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