Sprinkle Fun!

This weekend I got to help a few lovely ladies throw a little baby shower (some call it a "sprinkle" when it's for baby 2, 3, 4, or 10) for our lovely friend, Karyn.

I found a cute baby shower theme on Hostess with the Mostess awhile ago and have been waiting for just the right time to try it out.

Here's the lowdown, with pictures.

Guests of Honor: Karyn P.
Theme: Sprinkle Shower
Colors: Greens, blues and white (no pink to be found, but still girlie)
Location: a great Clubhouse in Karyn's friend's neighborhood

It was a really fun, intimate little shower. Lots of good food and some delicious sprinkled donuts from Voodoo!
A little welcome-to-the-shower display at the front of the clubhouse (lovely bulletin board in the background, ay?)

One of the wonderful friends helping plan the shower had the PERFECT pair of rain-boots to throw into the mix!

I didn't get a great picture of the food spread but it was all so delicious! The white frames are now on their 2nd leg; I got those frames at the Dollar Tree for my friend, Heidi's baby shower in September. For this shower, I found those blue vases (actually just plastic ice cream sunday tumblers) at the Dollar Tree, as well! Love you, Dollar Tree!

The gorgeous mother-to-be is glowing in her plum hued top. Lots o' good food!
Cheery rain clouds :) Again, using the coffee filters and some tissue paper as well as some (a whole stack) of pain chips that I grabbed and cut into rain drops attached to fishing line.

The Dessert Table! :) I'm finding that this is my favorite kind of thing to set up. If you have a cute dessert table it just sets a festive tone :) I got the umbrellas from Target and hung them with adhesive wall hooks, fishing line and a zip tie.

The table runner is just some Martha Stewart scrapbook paper that was on mega sale at Michael's.

VooDoo Donuts :) Delicious!

I took this picture before most of the guests got there. By the time everyone arrive it was more like a SHOWER than a SPRINKLE! (har har)


Jessi said...

Another beautiful shower! So cute. I have seriously been to like 5 baby showers this fall (with a couple more to go) and the ones you decorate put us all to shame! Very inspiring though...keep posting about the events you decorate - Love them!

Jessi said...

oh and the doughnuts look heavenly... want one right now!!!

Katie Fleming said...

Adorable! You are so creative! I would never think of half of this stuff. I'm coming to you for help next time I have to plan a party:-)

katieoz said...

Thanks, you guys! It is a lot of fun though most of my inspiration really isn't my own. If I had someone paying me to do this maybe I could be even more creative! haha :)

wendi said...

Wow Katie, seeing everything put together is amazing what a beautiful shower!(or should I say "sprinkle") You are so creative..I think I might have another child just so you can decorate :)

Erin said...

I'm sure I say this every time, but you are so talented. And wow--it's amazing how well those boots happened to match! The paint chips are a great idea too, by the way : ]

kranberrys said...

YOu seriously should! I saw a table at a craft fair were some ladies just started an event planning service...They had pics of all the events that they had planned...

I bet it will blossom just keep being creative and a wonderful friend!


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