H&M is coming to Portland!

The first time I ever set foot into an H&M was the summer of 1999, in Berlin, Germany. Any time I have ever been near an H&M I have made SURE to go there and spend lots of money. The great thing...you SPEND a lot you actually GET a lot!

So far I have visited the H&M's in the following locations:
  • Germany (Berlin, Munich, etc)
  • Austria (Salzburg, Vienna)
  • New York, New York (two of them)
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Tukwila, WA
  • Vancouver, BC (I made my husband take a one hour bus ride on our honeymoon in order to get to that H&M, but it was SO worth it!)

Wow. I'm totally going to camp out.


Jessi said...

Oh man that is so awesome!!! I wondered if Portland had one... I am so jealous! Whenever I travel and I see if H&M is there. Funny you took the hour bus ride while on your honeymoon! my question is why no mid-west H&M's?

Anyway, that is too much fun. I would go bankrupt. And you SO have to camp out!

omfg-vivian said...

hahaha thats so cute! you should begin photographing you infront of each of them :)

ps: your profile photo with you and your daughter is really really really cute x

katieoz said...

Jessi, I'm totally going to get you something when our H&M opens :)

Vivian, I like that idea! And thank you so much :) My lil' lady is pretty adorable! I can't be modest about it.

Megan Malone said...

sounds like a mini-van tour excursion is in order. do you know dates as to when it opens and if it is going to be like an ikea opening with people getting smothered by others trampling all over them? Oh I hope not....let's plan!

h. butler said...


katieoz said...

Megan and Holly, I assume you are both on board to join in on the H&M fun! I need to lose a bunch of weight so I can spend more :) Let's go!


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