It's been awhile, ay? No worthy excuse for my absence. And not really anything fantastic to blog about. Maybe I'm hitting the blogging wall?

Right now I'm stretched out on my dad's way over-stuffed LazyBoy, watching HGTV by the light of my parents' hunched-back Christmas tree. Claire and I hopped the plane on Thursday and made the exhausting 45-minute flight journey to Meridian, ID. Since then we've been playing in the snow, playing Scrabble (with mom and grandma), shopping, going to the movies, making delicious butterscotch-peanut butter treats and decorating for Christmas.

We're here another day and a half before our scheduled flight back to PDX. If we don't get snowed in!

Did I mention I *LOVE* HGTV? Seriously. Ironically, if I had this channel at home, nothing would ever get done.


miranda said...

aww, glad to see you back... What are your Christmas plan's?... I bet that cute little Claire is getting huge. I know my kids seem to be. We get to go home to Scottslbuff for Christmas this year. And get a whole week, so I am pretty excited about it. I am hoping to take pictures of the town... places that I remember most about my childhood. :)...We will see how much I get done. Just thought Id say hi.

pdxmo said...

Don't stop blogging! Just make shit up! I <3 your blog :)


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