Catch Up!

There's too much to write about, I won't be able to write about it all in an interesting manner so I am just going to plunk down a million pictures and call it good. It's penance for my time away.
This new year, I'd like to attempt to be a better blogger. My blog started out as a medium to really help those near and far to witness Claire's life as she grows and changes. However, I'd like for it to be more than just reiterating our everyday lives with butt-loads of pictures and mindless captions.

But for now! It's butt-loads of pictures and some captions to go along with them. hee hee :)

Yep, still putting up the ol' pink Christmas tree!

Hasty pictures I took of our multi-colored Christmas decorations.

Claire likes to eat crayons. The proof is on her face and in her diaper.
She wants her own blog.
Four Generations sprung from the Woodward clan.
Hangin' with Granddad, in Idaho.
That huge lion was given to me by my paternal Grandmother. I'm going to find a way to get him here from Idaho. He wouldn't fit in my suitcase.

Claire seems a bit "over" taking pictures. She did, however, love hangin' with her awesome cousin, Aspen!

She also loved playing in the snow :)

Grandma gave her lots of kisses

And Great Grandma gave her lots of snuggles :)

Our next adventure was to Washington for a wedding. Claire got to stay in a hotel and go swimming with her cousin, William!

Four generations sprung from the Ristine clan.

Momma Plaid and Baby Plaid

The Plaid Family

VIDEO: Claire's Great Aunt Kathy, teaching her how to play the piano...and it seems Claire's trying to do exactly what Aunt Kathy is doing!
Poor girl had a fever of 103.5 on Christmas morning. We all got the Swine Flu (I think).
She perked up a bit when she got her new baby doll :) I need to take a pic of the BEAUTIFUL wooden baby cradle Claire got from her Oma/Opa.
This is one of the sets of coasters I made for Christmas presents! Tutorial from the DIY Maven.
Also made this fun little gift for my nephew, William! I've made a few of these now! Tutorial from The Long Thread.
Classy New Year's Eve at McDonalds. Funny (but scary) thing is that whenever Claire sees the golden arches she actually says, "mmmmm!!!!" with lots of inflection and excitement. We do not go there often so it's frightening that she is that hooked!
Last picture of the Osgoods, in 2009!


miranda said...

Oh goodness, where to start. ok, Claire is getting so cute, and I love the fact that every time I see a new picture she just looks more and more like the Katie I remember :). I LOVE the plaid pictures and the coasters... WOW... I have a new thing to try making now :). SO Cool! And the video looked like they were fairly simple too, what a fun personal gift idea. Welcome back :)!

wendy said...

hey, I've been thinking about you! I miss you! Good to see y'all, and Claire is growing up!! Dude, that rocket ship thing is capital-A-AWESOME!

Erin said...

Yay! So glad to see you back : ] Oh my goodness...to state the obvious, Claire is getting sooo big! I could hardly believe the picture at the computer--what is she like 7 now?! She looks so grown up! I loved the plaid pictures, and as always--I love love love seeing the things you make. Miss you, plaid family...big hug!

pdxmo said...

Great post! A buttload of pictures is fine by me :) Claire really can't get any cuter, and the picture of the three of you in plaid is my favorite.

~*Beth Butler*~ said...

Oh good I was wondering when you were gonna update! Claire is SO STINKING BEAUTIFUL! and huge! I can't believe how old she looks. I guess it *has* been awhile, haha! Glad to see you guys are having fun and doing well.


karen osgood said...

I'm so glad to see pictures of you guys all feeling better. The sparkle in Claire's eyes is back. Really cute pictures and I love reading your updates. I want to get better at updating mine too. Happy New Year you guys

katieoz said...

ooooh! I am loving all this comment love! thanks everyone!

I loved the plaid too! And it was totally not intentional!

Jessi said...

1) still in love with the pink tree
2) umm... cute plaid mommy and daughter!
3) really like the homemade presents
4) and yes, you need to blog more!


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