It was my first time, too!

Whew! Whirlwind! I just threw and attended my FIRST Scentsy party, ever! And it was so fun! I was really going for the laid back, comfortable, fun sort of atmosphere and I think, perhaps, that was achieved! Yay!

It felt so natural to talk about Scentsy, show people how things work and share what scents I love and some I don't. Really, I think there was something for *everyone* to love. Some people hate anything floral but love anything musky and spiced while other people love the scent of sugar cookies but hate any sort of woodland smell. Overall, the open house was a smash hit! I thank all of you that were able to attend! And I also thank my wonderful husband who was the babysitter (and assistant house-cleaner and Scentsy sniffer)!!!

I would still *love* to take orders for anyone who is interested; maybe you need to stock up or maybe you need to just experience Scentsy for the first time! Browse and order from my Scentsy store! Just click on the "Open House Party" link under my face! If you're local and want to smell any of the scents just let me know and I can come over with my testers! I'll probably close this party order on Wednesday so that everyone who has already put in orders can get their products in a timely manner!
Here are some of my setup pictures. I wish I could have gotten some pictures of the food and the actual party but my camera died. boo!
I seriously had SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!! I think I can definitely get use to doing this :) Call or email me if you'd like to host your own party with me! You get lots of great host(ess) benefits (free and half price product), and it's a lot of fun!


Betherann said...

That's awesome, entrepreneurial Katie!!

katieoz said...

hee hee! thanks, Beth! definitely never saw it coming but it was an irresistable opportunity! You should check it out!

kranberrys said...

WOW! You put me to shame and I am a 1year old veteran...LOL...LOve the display in the jar thing...love all the little stations! You should post these pics on the scentsy forum!

katieoz said...

Thanks, Karissa! I liked the idea of scent stations just in case there was (for example) someone who doesn't like anything bakery-ish, they could just steer clear! And that apothecary jar I bought for my s'mores station for our wedding...it was a spontaneous $40 purchase but I have used it SO MUCH! I need to buy more!

Erin said...

Katie, how could you ever throw a party that was NOT laid back, comfortable and super fun...not to mention cute! I wish I could have been there...I want to smell everything! Good luck in your endeavors--you'll do really well!

miranda said...

I love Scentsy! :) and I love mine. I got it for Christmas from my mother-in-love and 3 different scents. I love it! How fun!


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