This Little Piggy

My beautiful and wonderful friend, Jeni, had a Birthday recently and today I got to take her out for her Birthday gift: PEDICURES! It was her first one! Sadly, I don't have pictures of her glittering, ruby-red toenails. They look FABULOUS, though!

Our entire little family unit traveled up to Vancouver to see Jeni and her family. That means that Claire and Molly got to play, which was really cute and really fun to watch. They could not be more opposite! It amazes me everytime how completely different they are from one another! We left the boys to watch the girls and we got our toes done and then had lunch! It was such a great day!

The girls, hanging out on Molly's big-girl bed! I am not ready for Claire to reach this stage.
Molly REALLY loves to hug Claire.
All the girls!
Finally, a picture of the two of us. I've known Jeni for years now but I think this is the FIRST picture we have together!
Saying goodbye, after a long day of playing.

VIDEO: kind of dark, but Claire and Molly giving each other "loves" as they say their goodbyes.


kranberrys said...

I CANNOT get over how much Claire is a Mini Me of YOU!

What fun! I am having a day like that for my birthday...I MIss you and wish we could spend our birthdays together again like the old days =(

Katie Fleming said...

Wow, I had to do a doubletake when I saw Claire... she looks like a Mini-You, it's crazy! I love her new haircut... so cute. She's getting so big!

Jessi said...

Fun! Yay for pedicures!


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