My Latter 20's

By the time I finish this post, I'll *officially* be on the last stretch of my 20's; I'm 27 years old today. My sweet husband and baby child wished me Happy Birthday this morning, I got to open a couple little presents, a phone call from my Grandparents-in-law (I love them! They are seriously the sweetest!) and saw Avatar in 3D with my husband (got to use my FREE BIRTHDAY MOVIE coupon from our Entertainment book! cha-ching!) while Oma/Opa watched Claire.  Now I get to eat ice cream!  What a day!  

My favorite things about my Birthday season:

  • Our home inspection went GREAT! A few things to get done but no urgent problems to attend to.  In fact, it seems that our Realtor is falling in love with our house the more he checks it out....he's pretty amazed at what we're getting for our money! 
  • Our family is home from Holland - Claire's Aunt Katie, Uncle Joey, Cousin Jude and soon-to-be-born Cousin Eleanor!  So so so fun to see the three cousins play together!  
  • Birthday cards and surprise gifts from loved ones!  I have a nice little stash of craft supply gift cards and enough Birthday money to find myself a cute, new purse!  
  • A thoughtful and sweet husband who has been so kind to me by cleaning the litter box, doing the dishes, taking me out and writing me sweet messages to show me that he loves me!  I am so grateful for my wonderful man!

By the way, I really LOVED Avatar! A really great movie experience...but you MUST see it in 3D.  I can't imagine seeing it any other way.  

About 10 more minutes until my official birth time! Probably could have blogged until then if I had enough in me to post pics.  However, I'm off to go eat my ice cream!


Jessi said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Erin said...

On getting engaged on your birthday: YAY!!

On missing your birthday: BOO : \ I stink--it seems I have come to rely on Facebook to keep track of birthdays and so I missed yours. I'm so sad! I'm glad your birthday/birthday season was/is a happy one though! I miss you!!

(Happy Late Birthday--stretch it out, I say!)

katieoz said...

haha! yes, last year at this time I had a million Happy Birthday's from Facebook friends. It's such a Birthday crutch, indeed. I don't know when anyone's birthday is anymore. Time to get them posted on my calendar :)


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