We've Gone Pending!

As many of you know, Chris and I decided last August, that the housing market was too tempting (tax credits! low interest rates!) to resist so we decided to test the waters in an attempt to find a house. Of course, we started in AUGUST with the looming deadline of November 30th if we wanted any kind of $8,000 tax credit. We had a couple near misses but in the end, decided at the beginning of October to put our house-hunt on hold; nothing was panning out and we didn't want to buy something just in desperation to meet a tax credit deadline.

Lo and behold, they extended the tax credit for first time homebuyers! We hooked up with our mortgage guy, Tony Kriz with Equity Design, and talked about the possibilities. Feeling encouraged after our meeting with him we continued to get our ducks in a row so that when we officially did pick up the house-hunt we would be ready to snap up the house for us.
There were a couple of houses I had been keeping my eye on but didn't want to see them until our finances were in order....wanted to save myself the heartbreak. And glad I did, because someone else got them....one in particular.

So, last Saturday we finally were set up to begin our search (with our realtor, Rick Cordell) and we went to see four houses. The first house, I didn't really even plan to look at because it seemed a little further out than we had originally wanted to be. But we went to see it....and...it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. *LOVE!* Perfect for us in so many ways and not nearly as far out as I was imagining.

That was Saturday. We slept on it for a couple nights, explored all our questions and put in an offer on Monday. And today, my friends, our offer was accepted! We are well on the path to owning our own home! More home than I expected for what our budget is! It's a lovely little 1950's ranch, well maintained, big yard, nice street with well-kempt homes, easy access to interstates, fenced, raised garden beds (irrigated too!), wood floors throughout, spacious enough for us to have more kids, a garage, central heating/cooling, lots of windows and character! I originally imagined us in a little bungalo style home, but this home is p.e.r.f.e.c.t. for us.

Living room

Dining room
Bonus/Family Room
(could easily be converted for use as a big master bedroom if needed)



(we'll probably get a stainless steel fridge, to match the stove/dishwasher)
Laundry/Mudroom, just off the kitchen.
There are these open closets you can't see, opposite the sink, that will fit some nice big shelves that will store ALL of Chris' 2,000 or so DVD's! It'll be like our own little movie store!
This is one of my wobbly videos I took at the house. Shows the family room, living room, dining room, kitchen, mudroom and backyard. I hope you don't get motion sickness


kranberrys said...

WAHOO! Doing the happy dance for you! That looks so amazing! The yard is HUGE...have fun mowing that Chris...hehe...Seriously though I think you could get hired on Katie for those new action movies where the cameras just shake the whole time...

katieoz said...

Ha! I will probably be the one mowing and doing the yard work! We just need a mower and a million other yard tools! You have to come see us after we move! We will have room for guests!

katieoz said...
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Betherann said...

How exciting!! I really like the mudroom, too -- that will be so handy! Woohoo!

miranda said...

HOW FUN!!! I think you know how excited I am for you to be closer to having your own home. I am still glowing and enjoying being a new home owner myself and I KNOW you are gonna LOVE it! Yes, it has it's little "quirks" of the usual home-owning things. But it is so worth it. I can't wait to see it with all your cute stuff in it! :). Praying for your closing! It's a beautiful home!

kranberrys said...

Oh and Aaron said there is a big book thing in Portland in October...so pencil us in for coming to visit then! Sometime after the 15th...

~*Beth Butler*~ said...

Hey congrats! Holly just told me about the house and I thought I'd pop over here to see of you posted about it and lo and behold...PICS!!! Your house is AWESOME!!! Seriously, that living room?! With hardwoods and a fireplace?! In Portland?!!! You are so lucky and blessed my dear. I'm jealous!! :oD

katieoz said...

Thank you everyone! We want all of you to come see us when we get settled. Prayin for a good inspection and for it all to go smoothly so we can close.

Karissa, your fam can totally stay with us!!! For sure!

Beth, no kidding! I was shocked at what we are getting for our $. It is insane!!!! And so miraculous really. And to answer your earlier ? I DO still want to connect as well !!! Nap time makes things hard so we might just have to do am evening sometime soon. Maybe at holly' s even? I miss you friend

Rachel said...

Yay! So happy for you guys! Is it outer SE-ish? The house and yard look beautiful and perfect!

Jessi said...

That is so great!!!!

katieoz said...

Hey Rachel! it is in the 140-150ish street range, just barely in NE! A little further east than we planned on looking but it turns out it's like the perfect location for us considering family/friends, etc! You have to come over once we move in! I haven't seen you in a million years!

Jamie Friedman said...

Thanks for shaing, Katie. This house is so cute! I love the corner windows in houses from this decade. And so many great extras - mud room and storage and a fireplace and raised beds! Really, thanking God right along with you and praying for a smooth buying process. Exciting!!

Debbie Hasson said...

Katie...this house seems perfect for you guys and I am so excited for you! Congrats!!! I can't wait to see it in person...:) Debbie


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