The Lord Parted the Clouds and Proclaimed It, "Zoo Day!"

So we FINALLY get a break in the weather! And listen, I don't complain about the clouds and rain; I actually really like them. However, they're not super helpful when you want to go to the zoo with your friends. Over the past 9 days I've been keeping tabs on the weather. Even when I DID see the sunshine with a few clouds clipart, I kept my fingers crossed because it changes so quicly. Boy oh boy! That sunny day sure held out for us and we got to have a great time with our friends Josh-Holly-&-Aiden and Karyn-Evelynn-&-Vivienne, today! It was so exciting to finally activate our Zoo membership that my wonderful In-Laws gave us for a (perfect) Christmas present!

The last time we visited the Oregon Zoo, Claire was only 7 months old and couldn't have cared less. This time was so much more fun because she noticed every little animal! Though, it was difficult because she runs to fast and has an overabundance of impulsive-running-away-from-mom energy coupled with "I'm going to cry if you put me back in that stroller" angst. Once she was able to run as fast and as far as she wanted and climb lots of stairs, I got to put her back in her stroller without a fight.

Claire, the first time we went to the Zoo.

And right now, she's totally passed out in her crib. Whew! It was a really fun day! I love my awesome friends!
Loved visiting the new Lion exhibit! Joe (the stuffed lion) got to rub manes with his kind *tee hee*

Vivienne and Claire (she looks so serious!)
Lovely Karyn and her sweet new lil' baby, Evelynn!

One of the coolest familes EVER to be on this planet, Josh, Holly and Aiden!
Thank you, Vivienne, for giving Claire your other half of the pb&j sandwich!

VIDEO: Climbing up to see the Polar Bears


kranberrys said...

Aww! That looks sooo fun! Congrats to Karyn on the new babe!

~*Beth Butler*~ said...

Awww! Wish I could've been there!


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