Picture Post Time!

I haven't done one of those posts that is basically JUST pictures and NO rambling in a long time. So...without any organization or captions, I present to you...(well, I might have to put in some captions....

Some little barretts I made for Molly's 2nd Bday

Also, a Library Bag for Molly :) Freezer paper and fabric paint are my new favorites! I will post pics soon of a couple shirts I made for Ben's (Claire's man) 1st Bday.
(2nd) Birthday Girl! When we asked her how old she was she said, "I'm three cupcakes." haha!
I BARELY got the camera in time, today. Chris' hat, chocolate chip residue, insisting on wearing only one shoe, "jewellry"...classic :)
Hat Hair :)

We finally said GOODBYE to the baby mullet and I chopped her hair. I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF! And I'm quite proud :)

Their first trip to the Oregon Zoo, together.



wendy said...

So cute! Good job on the hair! I miss you guys :)

kranberrys said...


OK off subject but you have to check this blog out! I am dying to build something now!


katieoz said...

Wendy - Thank you! I miss you too! We should DO something about that, ay?


~*Beth Butler*~ said...

Oh my GAWDS...she so cute!! haha. And I am just still in shock and awe that she's so huge. And talking? Geez it's been too long!
Hope you and Kristoff are doing well. Tell him hi from me.
And we need a Screen Door date soon. Could you meet me there say, Sunday night the 25th? Or we could go to Sushi? (they have other options besides sushi too, haha! It may be the last time in a while that I get to see you. I actually have a car that whole week!


Lisa said...

Love the pictures!!! LOVE the hairclips!! :)


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