I recently blogged about how I want to convert an old entertainment center into a play kitchen for Claire. A friend of mine saw that post, showed it to her husband and in a matter of just a couple days they DID THAT VERY THING for their daughter's Birthday!


After! Evie's Birthday Kitchen :)

I was so inspired and also glad that I could maybe use their experience when I finally took up my own play-kitchen project. However, as I browse Craigslist (daily) for the perfect entertainment center, I feel that it will be a big space committment. I'm worried that it will take up SOOO much room. I mean, we are planning to hopefully be in our house in a couple months, which will give us more room. But I'd like to not take up Claire's entire bedroom or the family room with a honking huge play kitchen. So, I am starting to lean another direction for this play kitchen. Up-cycling old nightstands. One of my FAVORITE blogs had a reader submit her nightstand-to-play-kitchen-before-and-after project and I was really amazed.

This project was so amazingly creative. For the faucet she used an upside-down wooden J, from a craft store. For the knobs, she used old diet-coke bottle caps!
(photos courtesy of http://www.designspongeonline.com/)

(blogger: VintageSongbird)

And how perfect is that!!!!!! Claire's Kitchen! It's like a sign! Plus, it wouldn't take up so much space to have a little unit like this and then maybe a skinny bookshelf that I could convert into a little refridgerator. At least I would have options for moving things around and maximizing the little space we have.

Sooooooooo! That's where I'm at now. Still a bit torn because I am in love with the built-in-kitchen look that the entertainment center re-do offers. But I love the space and rearrangement possibilities with having separate little "appliances".
Time will tell! Hopefully we'll get our house soon and I can get to work on this project! However, we are in for a bit of a nail-biter with our home-sale closing experience. *le sigh* Hoping things sail through and don't get messy. *le sigh, again*

Nevertheless, God is so good. Every time I am even tempted to worry about this, I remember how many times my life could have taken some *REALLY* ugly turns and I can be nothing but thankful for the grace He has presented in my life and what I have now. Whether it rains or shines, Jesus is near! Can I get an Amen!?

Peace to all!


Lisa said...

The nightstand idea is GREAT!! and could probably be done "quicker" too than to redo an entertainment center. :)

The play kitchen is a favorite thing -- it's loaded up with all the dishes and play-food and provides all kinds of entertainment! :)

taxi-mom1 said...

You can get 2 Amens for that!! Either one of those will be absolutely fabulous.


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