We've Landed

Wow. It's really been 23 days since my last post? The last time I posted we had just closed on our new home. Since that time we got together with family, our mortgage and real estate broker and a couple friends to dedicate our house (pray specific blessings over each and every room...yes, even the bathroom!), met some of the wonderful neighbors, fell even more in love with this awesome home God's given us, had the floors refinished, moved in new couches and appliances, said goodbye to our A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Home Community from our church (shout out to Murray Hill!) even though we still sit with them on Sunday mornings, had movers move us in last Monday, have been settling into our new home, constantly buying more things for the house and finding the to-do list grow more and more huge.
It. has. been. a. whirwind.
I know you're saying, "POST PICTURES!" Sadly, my camera battery is dead as can be. But, I did take a little video house tour on my phone! JUST FOR ALL OF YOU!


You might have heard me mention Scentsy in the little video. If you want to order ANYTHING get your order in now! Anyone who's order is over $30 will receive a free hanging freshener of your choice and if you live locally and get your order in within the new few days you'll qualify for free shipping (it'll ship to me and I'll deliver it to you!). Scentsy is a GREAT Mother's Day gift, especially if your mom already has Scentsy and needs some new scents! If you want to take advantage of any of these incentives (I am resisting the use of an obvious Scentsy pun, right now), email me your order because I need to put that in separately: osgood.kt@gmail.com.

Until next time! Katie!


~*Beth Durden*~ said...

Yay! Congrats! Life is so *crazy*!.. you are settling into your new home, I am getting ready to sell all my stuff and travel around the world with nothing but a suitcase! Who would've EVER thought?!?

p.s: Saw Kate at church yesterday! It was fun to catch up.


kranberrys said...

I'm in love! I want to come over right now!

Oh and PS- Aaron will be gone out of town the last week in June so if you are here then even better =)

Jessi said...

Looks great! That is so awesome. Enjoy!

~*Beth Durden*~ said...

Found this link on my old blog and thought you might be interested!

The Pond Pad said...

I love it! Even though it took you far far far away, I still like it. I can't wait to visit and see what Timothy can destroy :). I also love the scentsy plug- such a good salesperson!


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