It's been so long. The kind of llloooooong that leaves me feeling unable to know where to even begin. And I don't even have many pictures to make up for it. Stupid camera won't charge and the other one with rechargeable batteries also seems to constantly be unavailable. This is a problem that needs imminent fixing.
Nevertheless, we are still alive. Thriving, in fact. We just hit a streak of 90F+ weather and I could not be happier about our central air system. That, definitely, has been a highlight for me. We are living in the new house and loving it. I didn't get a garden planted like I wanted to (unless you count thistles as garden fare). Next year. I want to focus on shrinking this humongous lawn of ours and get it to a relatively comfortable "maintenance" level before attempting to plot out garden plans for next year.
Me and my mom :)
Claire is turning 2 in less than a month. Chris and I started working on her little nightstand-turned-play-kitchen Birthday present. So far, we have it primed and mostly painted. Next will be cutting the hole for her sink and hinging on the oven door. Then lots of little touches here and there. Super excited and really hoping it turns out well. I love that it was actually a nightstand we had in my family all of my life.

BEFORE (picture taken on Chris' iPhone): took both drawers out, will hinge one as the oven door, with new hardware, the bottom with have a little curtain so she can store her dishes/pots/pans. It is painted white.

I am going to try to make it back on here more often....soooo...I hope to see you soon!


miranda said...

YAY!!! I am so glad you are back. I've been missing your posts. If my vote counts I vote YES for getting the camera situation fixed :)... I love your pictures and getting to see your Claire grow. She looks so much like someone I used to know :). It is also so very nice to see your momma. Beautiful as always!

Hey if you get a second, could you pray for my Papa Hall. And... pass it to your family. He isn't doing very well and we don't really know how long we have. I'm doing ok, and I think the rest of the family is too, we are just in a waiting game now. He has a disease that is about 10 letters long having to do with the fact that his bone marrow isn't making blood as it should be and he has to get transfusions to have enough. (that is probably the best way I know how to describe it). Thanks.

It was wonderful reading your blog again :) Love you friend.

miranda said...
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~*Beth Durden*~ said...

I was wondering if you had given up blogging for Facebook! haha. Don't neglect blogger!! I want to see what your up to when I'm in the Phils!

katieoz said...

I'm going to try to get back on here. I think blogging was the last thing I could even think of doing once we moved, etc. Now I think I can collect myself and get my act together!

Miranda, definitely praying for Papa Hall. That makes me sad to hear. I really hope for rest and comfort to be his. So hard for the people that love him to see him going through this too, so you're all in my prayers. I love you, too, friend...so glad we are reconnected :)


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