Peachy, I say!

Sooo...what is with me being so obsessed with this peachy-orangeish color? I needed a new layout for my blog and I couldn't help but be drawn to the peachy-tones. I also just threw my mom a "Retirement is Peachy" party and just LOVED peaches and blues together.

So now, I'm thinking about designs for our bedroom and I can't stop thinking about PEACH! But I love the coolness that blues bring and how it balances out the peachiness. Sooo...tell me...is this design WAY too over-the-top or too mis-matchy/crazy to work?

Peach Fresca Bedroom

This is what I like to call, a Peach Fresca palette. Part of me thinks it's way too loud. But this other, peachy-orangy-loving, part of me screams "YES! MAKE IT WORK!". Not that we could even afford all of the items in that design, but it's a starting point, visually...and I could hopefully come up with a similar look for much less moolah. Any thoughts? I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to decorating or design or anything. I just fumble around, read blogs and take a stab at arranging designs in my head.

Brutal honesty doesn't hurt my feelings...at least not with regards to your opinions on this ;)


wendy said...

I think you are WRONG in that you have a natural knack for design and decorating! Blue and orange is my favorite color combo and I LOVE this look you've come up with! Do it!

kranberrys said...

I HATE it...fugly...not even kidding here... the walls and the rug and the clock are what really get me...

So there it was... BRUTAL as all get out... It could also be that design program...just not loving it, but I think Blue and peach could totally work together just NOT like that...Maybe we can go shopping when we come in October =) Aaron should really take you since HE is the decorator in our family. =)


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