So, this year I really want to take Claire trick-or-treating. We finally live in an actual neighborhood and it would be so fun to go door to door...hoping our neighbordhood is that kind of neighborhood :)

Imagine the drool that came forth when I saw THIS, at my local Pottery Barn Kids:

Claire's favorite thing in the world is "Happy Cake" (aka, cupcakes). And she's our cupcake! I took a quick glance at the painful $60 price tag...really? for cheap craft felt? C'mon Pottery Barn! Now, I am no seamstress, but I am just dying to try to make this myself. I have no idea where to start. Nevertheless, this urge, to try my hand at making her costume, is growing stronger by the minute! I guess we'll see what happens!

It might end up moreso resembling her 1st Birthday cake...AFTER she smashed into it :)


wendy said...

Seriously. You could make that so easy. I know you're going to do it.

Jessi said...

You can totally do it! I can't wait to see the pics! Any ideas for a cute boys halloween costume?

kranberrys said...

DO IT! =)


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