My Lil' (blue) Cupcake

So....remember THIS post a few months ago (sadly, I have blogged so little you can just scroll down to it on this page)? By mid-September I was thinking I would never really get my act together to figure it out. I figured we could just do a costume next year. UNTIL! This awesome blogger was inspired by the same Pottery Barn cupcake costume and came up with a tutorial for it! Thanks to her, my crafting potential was unleashed! The best part is that it is a no-sew project...hot glue gun, baby! It took a cumulative of a 3ish hours to make (including cutting pieces, fitting pieces, glueing pieces). The only sewing I did was to make the little strawberry for Claire's hat...that took about 30 minutes to make it, add the little cream ruffly edge and sew it to her hat.
This is before I trimmed up the scallops...it just looked so sloppy I couldn't take it and I had to make them look more....scalloppy.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the pink frosting withe polka dot sprinkles. I guess I was just in a peacock-blue-frosting-and-oblong-sprinkles mood :) I cut rectangles of the pink, cream and purple felt and kind of folded it over on itself a couple times, glueing it shut.
Waiting ever-so-patiently :) For the strawberry, I opted to put it on a hat because she loves wearing that hat. I KNEW a headband with a cherry or strawberry on it was never gonna fly.
She was so cute, the neighbors spoiled her with lots of candy. We're gonna make it last until NEXT Halloween :)
Saying "thank you!" to our kind neighbors.
Pondering the meaning of life....next to our poorly carved pumpkins :)


Patrice said...

I love this. Way to think outside the box on colors! Of course I just went to the store and picked up te exact same colors that had already been done!


Beth @ To the Fullest said...

So cute!!!

~*Beth Durden*~ said...

She is so flippin adorable!! And look at her holding Chris' hand! Awwww!! Time FLIES man :)


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