Play Kitchen Love

Okay, so soon, I am gonna move to posting my DIY projects on MuddledPuddles. But for now I just wanted to take a minute to thank the blogs that featured Claire's little kitchen on their sites. Thanks for the love, fellow-bloggers!

And I recently updated Claire's kitchen with a new little curtain. I had to mount the curtain rod lower than I wanted to because of the configuration of the oven door. With the old curtain it left a couple inch gap. No biggie, but definitely a perfect excuse to make a new curtain with some lovely vintage fabric I recently purchased at the estate sale in our neighborhood. I am loving the orange, blue, white and brown scheme.
NOW! I am onto making ANOTHER play kitchen. My friend, Jen, (check out her awesome blog) has a daughter turning 2 in December and she asked me if I'd repurpose another nightstand into a kitchen for her Birthday present. I was more than honored that she asked. So that's my next big project! Wish me luck!


wendy said...

oooohmygoodness. I just spent the better part of an hour at Better After! I'll look at the other one later, I need a break! Too much awesome!

katieoz said...

I know!!!!!!!! I'm obsessed with Before/After anything! I love that site.


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