I love my little Landofozfam home. However, I've been toying with the idea of splitting my online persona into a "craft self" and a "blogging-about-my-family/life self" (and yes, indeed those two intersect, at times). In fact, I came up with (what I think is) a cute little craft blog name: MuddledPuddles (we are known for our rain puddles here in Portland, my crafty ambitions are always muddled and all over the place because I don't really ever know what I'm doing, but I want to try everything!). I haven't really blogged there, but I kind of like the idea of having a blog specifically devoted to the DIY projects I try out and I love the little blog name for the other site. Yet, I don't necessarily want to abandon my little home here either.

Any thoughts?


wendy said...

So cute! I love it! Go for it!

miranda said...

as long as that means you are still sharing your creative self with us every now and then, then I think it is a great idea. I hope you do!


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