I Shouldn't Say Never....

...but my husband made me promise I would never make another one of these play kitchens again. Why? Well...in this instance, especially, I am a little, shall we say, intense?

Back when I made Claire's kitchen, my friend Jen, asked me if I would consider making a kitchen for her daughter's Christmas/Birthday present. I hesistated (mostly, because I didn't feel qualified) but eventually said yes because I *really* wanted to make another one. What I didn't realize is that I put WAY TOO MUCH PRESSURE on myself. Especially because this was something I was actually being paid to do. And because they're my friends! So, it was, *intense* for me. I agonized over every little detail. I went through a million options before coming to any conclusions about anything. And unlike Claire's kitchen, I made this one entirely on my own. And I still kind of feel like I don't know what I'm doing. And I worry it won't be good enough or done professionally enough or, or, or...blah, blah, blah.

In the end, I love this little kitchen. But, it turns out I'm not a very laid back person and I get stressed easily :) So, any future jobs, my husband will probably have to sit on me and tell me "NO!" because I know I'll want to make another one if the opportunity presents itself.

Nevertheless, without further delay...SADIE'S KITCHEN!

BEFORE: searched for a LONG time to find a nightstand I liked. Found this one at Goodwill for $12 (originally $25!)

My only real *during* picture. Thanks to my neighbor, Wally (who loaned me his jigsaw), I was able to cut a way better sink hole and do a decorative edge.

AFTER: I went for white again. There's just something about the cute white kitchen. My friend, Jeni, actually made the little printed curtain when they were over here for dinner. I got some free labor and she got a little "crafting" fix.

I traced this shape onto some MDF I had lying around and used the jigsaw to cut it out, spray painted it with chalkboard paint, glued on some wooden butterflies..VOILA! Cute, girly chalkboard.

For the decorative edge, I just drew my own design, traced it onto the wood and cut it with a jigsaw. And this was the first time I have ever used one. I literally had a *high*...silly, I know...but I am finding that I LOVE POWERTOOLS! Using them, successfully, fills me with utter elation! For the stove, I was going to do another hand-painted, electric range, but Joann's never had the round wooden plaques in the sizes I needed...so I improvised. Grabbed four small, square plaques, a little package of round wooden sticks and a package of wooden circles (all in the wood craft section of Joann's) and put together a *gas range*. I got the knobs at our local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for $0.50/each (I also got a few other things there, that I didn't end up using, hardware, moulding...). Also, found a cute mini colander in the kitchen section at Target, for $4...then made some felt strawberries and filled 'er up!
These curtains were kind of annoying. I measured VERY precisely and didn't realize that when I gathered them on the rod that they would end up being too small. So I had to add the plaid section which made them kind of stiff and they wouldn't lay right. I had to tinker around with it a lot to get it to look okay (an example of my perfectionism driving me crazy during this process) until I finally just let go and let them look kinda funny.

I meant to add this to Claire's kitchen...a little oven light. You can get them at Home Depot for a couple bucks.

A little spice rack too! I have found this at an estate sale, spray painted it and then mod podged some of that cute plaide fabric to give it a little *pop*.
There you have it! Play kitchen #2! And while I don't plan to make anymore, I do have a couple upgrades for Claire's kitchen planned....adding more counter space and doing something with those right angles (decorative edge or rounded corners or something) at the top of the kitchen wall. Stay tuned!


kranberrys said...

I want one... LOL

Sue from Oregon said...

I meandered my way here through Mayberry Boutique and Green eyed Girl and am not sure who else LOL

You are so very creative!!!

Stacie said...

Ohhhhh...love,love,love it!!! Before Christmas...I was going to buy one just like that @ DI...and when I went to get it...another guy bought it :( Guess i'm going to have to keep looking :) Thanks for sharing!! I am sooo featuring :)

Have a FaBuLouS day!!

Kimberly said...

so cute!

Jaclyn said...

How much did it cost in all for everything? Time spent??

Terri said...

I shouldn't have showed my daughter - I think her daddy's gonna have to get busy:)

Michelle W said...

Beautiful work!

Katie Oz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katieoz said...

Thanks for the comments everyone :)

Jaclyn, I can't remember the exact breakdown but including the $12 nightstand it was around $30-35? I went to Habitat for Humanity's Re-store location and got a quart of white paint for $1, hardware/knobs for 50 cents, etc. Used coupons at Joanns for the little plaques for the stove, already owned some spray paint, fabric, frame and little shelf. I got the little spice rack shelf for 50 cents at a thrift store.

I have no idea how long it took...but you could get it done in a couple weekends going at a part-time speed. What takes the most time is sanding and mostly waiting for the paint to dry.


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