Who's This Blog About, Anyway!?

Claire is growing up QUICKLY and I am depriving the world of seeing her beauty and awesomeness!  Actually, sometimes I really worry about letting the world see this beautiful, amazing, mind-blowingly awesome little girl of ours.  I go back and forth...."should I post pictures? is it safe? but so many other people I know do it and it's okay".  Ahhh..well.. for now I will continue to use this space to update family and friends (known/unknown).  

So let's catch up with a photo/video-packed blog entry, ay?

At The Blue Pig, for breakfast.

Claire, her little brother (aka, Ben, the little one I babysit a few times a month), and their matching IKEA puppies.

Claire and her bestest friend, Molly.


It's a POTTY PARTY, PEOPLE!  This is the before.  There are now hundreds of sticks on this thing. Claire LOVES to stack stickers. For example, she finds the other "puppy" sticker and sticks the new puppy sticker on top of the other five...so for every sticker you see there are actually at least four or five underneath.   And I am happy to say she POTTY trained in no time at all (except naps and bedtime...still using pull-ups for now).  Poop training...well...that's gonna take awhile.  

MomO and I got our walk on at the Race for the Roses.  The proceeds benefit Albertina Kerr Centers - my first employer upon moving to Oregon, in 2005!

And this is one of my bestest friends, Jeni, and Molly (Claire's BFF).  Jeni's a big-shot at Albertina Kerr and Molly is just plain beautiful so they ended up (literally) being the poster mom/daughter for Kerr's advertising campaign!  This is a flier I picked up at The Race for the Roses. 

Just can't ever get enough of Papa!

And Momma can't ever get enough of Claire!

Sorry for the grainy pic, but I had to show you how incredibly cute Claire looked on Easter...and sadly this is the only picture I got of her in her adorable dress.

Claire and her cousin, William.  She seriously hid out in this suitcase the entire day. 

We discovered how to get all the cousins to sit together! Cue the iPod!

The girl cousins.  *i love the crossed legs!*

Claire and Ben...they love coloring together. 

VIDEO: Claire and Ben being adorable and sweet while coloring!

Our kitty, Calcifer, loves to snuggle.  Every night he approaches, puts one paw on each shoulder then proceeds to nuzzle his face into the back of someone's neck.  I think it's his way to hug us? He's weird. 

He gave my dad the hugging treatment too.  Despite what my dad may say, he loved it. 

I have long been wanting to get a bench for the front porch.  Of course I wanted it so we could enjoy sitting out front but almost more than that, I wanted it for my dad.  He's the king of relaxing-on-the-front-porch-with-a cup-of-coffee-and-watching-the-world-go-by.  One day, at Costco, Chris came upon this GEM of a bench!  It's kind of old-school with a modern/sleek look.  AND! IT GLIDES! So awesome!  Claire loves it more than anyone! 

Mom, don't kill me for posting a laughing picture!  I don't remember what it was, but Claire said something hilarious and made my parents laugh right when I was trying to take this picture.  She always makes us laugh! SHE'S HILARIOUS!

And beautiful.  Did I mention, she's beautiful? And did I mention that she's growing up WAY too quickly?

VIDEO: Claire showing us some sweet exercise/stretching moves she came up with.

VIDEO: One morning Claire just came up with this strange song....she sang it over and over.  I have no idea what it means.  Every now and then she'll break out into singing it.  

VIDEO: I'm a flower!


lafalda said...

Ohhh so cute! I can't wait to watch the videos when it's not the middle of the night and quiet in the house. Miss you, as always. <3


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