Did I Quit?

I wanted to.  Almost every month for the past 8 months, I have wanted to quit.  I didn't think I could do it.  Other times, I just DIDN'T WANT TO! I wanted to sit on my butt, not train, be lazy and try to think of a valid excuse to ease out of it. 
I am talking about the Portland to Coast walking relay.  *remember THIS post?*
Somehow, I talked myself out of it (quitting, that is).  I had to keep de-stressing myself about being good/fit/fast enough to compete.  My goal was to average 15.5 minute miles.  And I thought that was a little too ambitious actually.  My average, when I was working hard was a 16 minute mile. 
Thankfully, I didn't get assigned the 8-miles-all-up-hill-on-gravel-roads-while-cars-drive-by-and-kick-dust-into-my-airways.  I walked just over 10 miles total..about 5 miles per leg.  And I averaged just under FOURTEEN MINUTES PER MILE!  Woo!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am pretty darn proud of myself and can honestly say I have never walked that fast that far....ever!  But, I am also kinda on crutches right now! haha!  So ya know. :) Maybe I overdid it? Nevertheless, it was a blast, an experience of a lifetime, but one I don't really feel compelled to repeat :)
I might possibly have access to pictures at some point, but for now the update on the PTC relay is sans visual media.  Thank you, to everyone who encouraged me and knew I could do it! Even if I did possibly get a stress fracture!
Sole Sisters Forever!


karen said...

We're so very proud of you and of course will be praying for a speedy recovery from your injury. Way to go Katie!!


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