When You're Three, It's All Kittens, Puppies and Rainbows!

You guessed it! Claire JUST turned three! I'd been thinking, for a long time, what to do for her birthday. Whenever I'd ask her what kind of Birthday she wanted she would just kind of give me a confused look and say, "cupcakes." To her, the bottom line at a Birthday party is the cake. In fact, she has this book, "Happy Birthday, Moon," where a bear is talking to the moon (thinking it's talking back to him, but it's really just his own voice echoing in the mountains) and he thinks it's the moon's birthday because his voice echoed back to him after he told the moon it was HIS birthday. Anyway, the main point Claire ALWAYS takes away from that book is, "THERE'S NO BIRTHDAY CAKE!?" No matter how many times we read that book, the ending is simply egregious. NO CAKE!

Anyway! So back to my point. I decided to do a rainbow theme for her, because, well..she loves rainbows a lot (along with the moon, chocolate, rocks, etc). However, anyone who knows me probably could have predicted that this party idea would morph into something more insane. And it did! Hence, Claire's Kittens, Puppies and Rainbows birthday....sickeningly sweet, funny and totally Claire

Apart from all the party fun, there is one question I want someone to answer: How is it possible that Claire has gone from this -

TO THIS!????? HOW!? It's happening too fast (sappy mommy blog moment)!

I have been telling her the usual sappy, dorky mom thing, "Claire, you can't grow up...please, be my little girl forever." To which, she always replies, "But Momma....I have to. I need to grow up so that Aspen (her cousin) can come to my birthday party." And she is growing up. And she did have her Birthday party. And Aspen did come! Don't they kind of look like sisters? Sad that I didn't get a picture of Claire's cute rainbow shorts and dachsund tshirt. Maybe I'll stage one later. Or maybe I could do it now and put it in this post....hmm.

**watercoloring with her BFF, Molly, at her Bday Party**

Ta-Dah! Don't mind the wrinkly sheet - the perfectionist buried deep down within me is fighting to go crazy over that wrinkly blue sheet! I tried ironing it! I swear! I also wanted to obsess about rehanging the clouds and having them face perfectly forward at all times. But in the end, I let it go and let them hang all wonky-like. It's a 3-year-old's Birthday party, for criminy sakes!
I love, love, love the colors, the basic layout of the table and the overal look!
Also, just to give credit....I was REALLY inspired by THIS BLOG to do my own rendition of the streamer rainbow. I honestly LOVE my streamer rainbow, but have to say, their's is pretty much superior to ALL streamer rainbows every made. Ah-mazing!

Some rainbow Twizzlers, Chex puppy chow (or muddy buddies as some people call it), rainbow condiment dishes filled with m&m's, puppy and kitty cupcakes...

One of my big regrets is that I didn't take pictures of every single dog/cat cupcake after making them. Just a quick shout out to Jeni for helping me make these! They took a LOT of work but were SOOOO fun! The patterns for them are found in Hello Cupcake. We were both a little doubtful that these would turn out cute but they ALL turned out SOOO cute! I love my little sheepdog and Jeni's beagle.
**also, thank you to Jeni and MomO for taking pictures. Without you I wouldn't have any...because the pictures Chris took got erased :(

Love, love, love this pug too! (Jeni's)

Love this little guy. I took a picture of him days after the party but he held up super well! He might be my favorite, I have to say.

Tall, but unassuming white birthday cake...or is it!?

VOILA! I would call this a Rainbow Cake but for the fact that I mixed up the yellow and orange layers. Should be ROYGBV but it's RYOGBV. Delicious and crowd shocking, nontheless! I loved the oohs and ahs when I cut into this cake. I've seen rainbow cakes ALL over the internet so I tried my hand at it. Super fun to make, although I don't think I have much talent with icing cakes. Thankfully, the crumbs that got mixed into the frosting look pretty because they're rainbow colored!


This little beagle, soon to meet his doom...dah dah dah!

The Birthday Girl got him!

Favors :) I love Target's $1 bins! And I got the little puppies/kitties super cheap with my 40% off coupons from Joann Fabrics....though I had to make SEVERAL trips there :)

Light refreshment to hopefully (somewhat) balance out the sugar overload on the other table :)

The wonders of calendars, streamers and embroidery hoops!

The party was pretty laid back. We relied mostly on the playstructure/sandbox in our backyard to do most of the entertaining. However, the kids did get to water color pictures of rainbows, kittens and puppies (oh my!), watch a slideshow of Claire pictures streaming on our tv and listen to our awesome playlist blasting from the computer (you guessed it...songs about kittens, puppies and rainbows, sunshine, rain, etc).

It was a really fun birthday party! So fun to spend time with family and friends and see our little Claire become not-so-little-anymore. Speaking of which, I just measured her and she's 38.25"! THAT'S INSANE!


Lindsay said...

That is AMAZING. Way to go Mrs. Oz. Claire will love looking back on her birthday memories!

Jessi said...

Gasp! The raindbow cake! wow. cute, cute party.

katieoz said...

Thanks, you guys!!!!

lafalda said...

This looked sooo fun!! Is that your dad relaxin' on the side there?

katieoz said...

Jess, it sure is! And he is wearing his infamous Darth Tater shirt :)

wendi said...

Looks awesome Katie..even better than I could have imagined! Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you guys. Give Claire a big hug and kiss from Ben and Wendi. Oh..and I'm still drooling over that play structure;)

kranberrys said...

I saw your daddy today at the coffee shop =) OMG! Kate can you just come take care of all my kids birthdays from now on? GEEZ! You are like putting my planning skills to shame...actually I still am an awesome planner but your DECOR and other AMAZING idea...WOW OH WOW!




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