Can I Get A Witness!

Yesterday, someone left me a little something on my front door. Some people might have heaved a slightly annoyed sigh, and I get that. But when I opened it....ahhhh...Breath of Life, to me. And even though I am a confessing believer Jesus, it is still gooooood stuff to keep hearing, seeing, and believing the Gospel.
So, to the annonymous neighbor that sought to show love by sharing Love with me, thank you. And I hope that maybe someone who doesn't believe and maybe got a little note like this, feels the love (from this kind stranger) and from Jesus, himself. I have to say, I feel challenged to love my neighbor a little better and to share the Love of Jesus more. Maybe not in the exact same way (or maybe so!) but in any way that I could find, to communicate how much they/we are loved by God.
I have read these many times...but they melted into my heart as if they were new.



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