Old People Crush

Many who know me, know that I have lots of old-man crushes.  It all started when I was 4 years old and Floyd Hopper would let me dance with him (my feet on his shoes).  I declared to his wife, Evelyn, that I was going to marry him someday.  She asked what she was suppose to do.  I replied, "Take care of the kids." 

Ever since then I have been a serial old-man crushaholic.  Tom Brokaw is one my more notorious crushes.  And, of course, Chris' grandfather...and you can see why! (see: last blog post).

But now, I think I may have found my ultimate old-man crush.  Check out this adorable older couple as they try to figure out how to use their new computer.  I am seriously IN LOVE with this sweet (and SASSY) man!


katskraps said...

ADORABLE!!! What a sweet couple...and oh, that flirt! It's something to see a guy flirt with his wife...that's precious. They are great together!

Aunt Linda said...

Hi Katie, Alisa gave me your blog spot so I could read it. She said you are such a good writer and you always have a good read. Also, I had heard about this couple but never able to find it so was excited about watching it. Such a cute couple and FUNNY. Hope you are doing well and will keep in touch through your blog, I now have it in my favorites. Clarie is so cute and looks just like you.


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