Sixty and Counting

August was a fun month for parties.  At the end of August we got to throw a small shebang for Chris' grandparents' 60th Anniversary. SIXTY! As if that is not amazing enough....they still seem to be just as in love as they probably were sixty years ago!  I can't say enough how much I wholly and overwhelmingly adore them.  So, it was a huge honor to be able to have the little party at our little home. 

Grandma gave us STRICT instructions to not go to any effort.  Thankfully, it didn't take much effort to make things look festive...thank you, tissue paper pom poms and other random things laying around the house.  Grandma expressly said not to make a gluten-free cake (again, not wanting extra effort on our part) and said she wouldn't eat it anyway.  But that didn't mean I couldn't use her recipes for her gluten/no sugar added chocolate peanut butter cookies and brownies!  I think I caught a glimmer in her eye when I told her I had fun making her recipes for the occasion.

It was fun to whip out our old cake topper.  I had to scour the rafters in the garage.  It was fun because I sat up in the attic area looking through old yearbooks, etc, in my quest to find our caketopper. Good old walk down memory lane.

(credit for this picture: Joey Wulf...you knew that picture didn't come from my camera!)

HOW CUTE!? I mean, seriously! HOW CUTE ARE THEY!?  Neither of them could eat the cake but as Grandma was cutting I asked her if sixty years ago she would have ever envisioned this far down the road, cutting the cake for her (very eagerly awaiting) GREAT grandchildren.  She gave a sweet chuckle and said, "No! Never! But it's wonderful!"
 (credit for this picture: Joey Wulf)

(credit for this picture: Joey Wulf)
(credit for this picture: Joey Wulf)
(credit for this picture: Joey Wulf)


wendy said...

Wow, what a great family photo!
Next post: GG's GF recipes! :D

Jessi said...

That picture of them cutting the cake is pretty much the most adorable thing I've ever seen!

lafalda said...

Nothing better than catching a glimmer.


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