I'm a Christian...Unless You're Gay.

I read this article recently and it's a good one.  There's a lot I could say about it, but I don't necessarily think that it'll *add* to anything.  Just, check it out, if you're so inclined...and maybe tell me what you think.  I'd love to talk about this.  

Just a quick excerpt that caught my attention: 

"Oh, but you're not gay? You're clean, and well dressed, and you have a job?  You look the way I think you should look?  You act the way I think you should act?  You believe the things I think you should believe?  Then I'm definitely a Christian.  To you, today, I'm a Christian.  You've earned it." 

The gentleman who wrote this article claims to not be a Christian, himself, but what he's saying is worth weighing, and I would say...very important....and..might I add...a little humbling, personally. 



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