Three months, aye? I have wanted to blog many times, but often been overwhelmed with other *life* that prevented me from sitting down and actually posting. So, we'll rewind from most recent all the way back to September.  Ready? 

My friend, Shannon and I at MUMFORD AND SONS!  MOST. MAGNIFICENT. SHOW. EVER. Perhaps my favorite event of 2011?

Lots of fun times, coffee drinking, deep conversation with my friend, Shannon.  It's been a long time since I could have these kind of conversations.  *happy soul sighing*

Pretty lazy fall decorating.  But thank you butternut squash and pumpkins...you made it easy!

Thanksgiving delicacies: Green bean casserole, mashed sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, Alton Brown Turkey, gravy, delicious sage sausage and apple stuffing, homemade rolls, homemade cranberry sauce...wonderful spread!  I made the turkey, stuffing and rolls....and the "turkey" veggie platter.  The rest my lovely sister in law and mother in law contributed. 

Chris begged me to make the Alton Brown Turkey this year.  It was my FIRST turkey ever.  I brined it and everything.  And it was really flavorful!  Not only that, but I made 3 pot pies from the leftovers!  And several turkey, ketchup, and mustard sandwiches. 

Oz Family shot, 2011. 

The table setup.  I was so busy I just took a quick picture of the table...but not the PEOPLE!  

Grandma S. (my momma) surprised Claire by mailing her a package with chef's hats!  Claire's been wanting a chef's hat for a very long time. 

Apple Festival! 

Claire really wanted a picture with this rooster. 

My friend moved to Portland and now we get to hang out! I love it! We met up with her and my parents to have fun at the Apple Festival at the Portland Nursery.  Shannon and I tried so many varieties of apples/pears...we were STUFFED! 

Claire got to paint her very own pumpkin, next to Dad-dad. 

 Claire got a little surprise in the mail from her Great Grandparents Oz...a little octopus.  She named him Chocolate Soup. 

MUCH fun in the rain puddles has been had.  Along with continually adding to Claire's rock collection.

She owns the world!!!  *does it look like she's growing out of her clothes, 
or is it just me ;)?* 

Jumping on the couch and watching the squirrels go up the tree...she named the big tree in our front yard, "Holly".

So lovely. 

Fourth Anniversary. 

Sweet man got me flowers :) 

 She LOVES blocks these days.  These are too babyish for her now, but we haven't sprung for new ones yet. 

Playing on Great Grandpa Oz's mower.  

Exploring the wildlife.

Feeding the wildlife.  These two were as thick as thieves.  Great Grandpa gets the sweetest twinkle in his eye when he's with Claire.  Claire cried of a broken heart when we had to leave.  

This is one of my favorite pictures. 
All caught up? A lot, indeed, has happened in the past few months.  Right around my last blog post, I actually found out I was pregnant.  Sadly, about a month ago I had a miscarriage.  I've actually been wanting to write about it, share my own story of this event that I now have in common with SO MANY other women.  I don't really know what to say right now.  Other than, God brought us through it.  And still is.  I hope we can conceive again, but ultimately, if I have no more children, 1, 2 or 10 more...I know God is good, He cares for me/us and that whatever happens in this life, I will be grateful to Him.  Nevertheless, the experience did it fair share of ripping my heart wide open.  

But life moves forward.  We've had a great December, preparing for Christmas, attempting to LIVE in the story of Jesus coming to be NEAR to us...God...choosing to be NEAR humanity...to be clothed in humanity.  Amazing.  So, it's been a journey over the past few years, trying to figure out how to live into that story and celebrate, perhaps, differently? Claire has LOVED doing the little chocolate advent calendar we bought.  We've also had lots of fun going to Zoo Lights, drinking hot chocolate and going for car rides to see neighborhood Christmas lights, assembling our artificial Christmas tree (GASP! I KNOW!), wrapping gifts, hunting for the perfect stocking stuffers (stockings.are.the. best.), sharing meals with friends/family, making cookies, even opening a couple small presents before Christmas.  I LOVE watching Claire analyze the (very few) presents that are already under the tree.  It's so cute.  It's been a pretty freeing, enjoyable and stress-less Advent season.  I'm kiiiiiiiiiiiindddaaa LOVING IT!

One of the greatest things, this Christmas season, was the birth of nephew #3 (on Chris' family's side)...little Cameron Ray was born last Sunday!  I met him via Skype today...but can't wait to meet him on Tuesday when we're in their neck of the woods.  I am just gonna kiss, kiss, kiss those cheeks!

I guess that's all for now.  Quite the generic picture/caption blog update.  I do hope to post more often...because...well...it's fun :)  Therefore, I can't wait to see you all soon!



Katie Fleming said...

I was so excited when I saw you had a new blog post! Its been so long... I was wondering how you all were doing over there. Thanks for taking the time to give us all the pics and tell us how things have been. I'm so sorry to hear that you guys lost your baby:-( We definitely understand how you feel... I still get sad around this time every year too. We have an ornament on the tree for that baby though and its a sweet reminder that their is a little soul in heaven who was ours for a few weeks!

Keep writing:-) We love to hear from you!!

w said...

Merry Christmas! I just love you and I'm so glad we're friends!

Jessi said...

I've missed your postings!! And I loved seeing all the pics, especially the ones with Shannon. That's great she is living close to you. Good friends are hard to come by, so keep em' close!

And most importantly, I'm sorry you lost your precious baby. Breaks my heart. I don't have any wise words, just know I care.

lafalda said...

Honey, I just love you. Claire's expression in the octopus pic is 100% you. Thank you for this wonderful catch-all post. I adore you guys. Merry Christmas.

Erin said...

Katie, you are such a precious and lovely person. These words and pictures made me miss you more than I already did. I am so sorry to hear the sad news, but find myself feeling encouraged that you are able to give thanks in it all. Love you. Also, I have to add...You are looking SO beautiful in these pictures.

osmediocre said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katieoz said...

Awww...I love you all so much!


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