One Three-Year-Old, Twenty Questions

I asked Claire these questions a couple months ago and today she insisted that I ask her again.  The new answers are in blue.
  1. Favorite Color: "Black." - "Blue." 
  2. Favorite Movie: "Curious George." - "Wall-E."
  3. Favorite Food: "Tomato soup and cheese sandwich.  Oh and Oatmeal Squares!" - "Mac and Cheese!" *shamefaced*
  4. Best Friend: "Benny" (little boy I watch every week) Then she thought of her other friend, Ben (lives in Hawaii, now). "One, two Benjamins!" -  "Molly is my best friend!"
  5. Favorite Thing To Do:  "Play in my room." - "Go to bed."
  6. Favorite Place To Go:  "The park - 'magination station park." - "Target." 
  7. Favorite Toy: "Blocks! They're really good!" - "Blocks!"
  8. Favorite Fruit: "Banana! and Kiwi!" - "Banana."
  9. Favorite Song: "Silent Night" Seriously, for over a year straight, she requests the song, EVERY NIGHT, before bed. - "Silent Night."
  10. Favorite Snack: "Chocolate Chips." Just a note here...I don't give her chocolate chips to snack on. haha - "Bunny Snacks!" 
  11. Favorite Book:  "Planting a Rainbow."  - "I Love You, Mommy." 
  12. Favorite Stuffed Animal (At this point in the interview ,Claire asked me to ask this question): And she LOUDLY responded "JOE JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - "JOE JOE!!!"
  13. Favorite Animal:  "Octopuses." - "Lions."
  14. Favorite Thing To Do Outside: "Play on my play-set" - "Play on my play-set."
  15. Favorite Drink: "Milk." - "Apple juice." 
  16. Favorite Holiday: "Umm...I'm not sure, Mamma." - "Christmix."
  17. Favorite Breakfast: "French Toast." - "Pancakes."
  18. Who Do You Like To Take To Bed: "Joe (lion), Mushoo (kitty), Stripe (puppy), Woof Woof (puppy), Barky (puppy), Pokey (puppy), Ouchies (puppy)" <<< Seeing a canine theme? - "Joe Joe, Stripe (puppy), Joey (puppy)."
  19. Favorite Outfit:  "I'm not sure, momma!" - "Cupcake shirt!"
  20. What Do You Want To Be When You Grown Up:  "I'm gonna be a PIRATE! And ride in a pirate ship!" - "A Pirate!"


Emily Real said...

I can see your husband in her some, but that picture of you two together, OMG, twins!!

katieoz said...

haha, Emily! *pssst...good to "see" you!* I hear that soo much. I definitely see us both in there. She is SOOOO like us both in so many different ways, it's confounding, really.

Anonymous said...

Katie so fun to read your blog! It's funny how us independent career women change when we see the face of our first beautiful child :) we just bought a home too...still living in Gering tho lol! We should catch up sometimes!

Tanya (Hall) Bosche


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