Stay At Home Moms for Justice!

Many who know me know that this isn't what I envisioned for myself.  The Katie of 10 years ago would have been shocked that I am a wife, mother, and that I stay at home.  In fact, I probably (no...definitely) would have looked down on my future self. 

Now, I am average.  I was married and giving birth at the age of 25 and half...the average statistical age (or, it was at that time, anyway).  We own a house, a newish car, we use to own a cat (before he passed away, RIP, Calcifer) and life...is pretty normal.  In my later teens/early twenties I was pretty terrified of being average/normal and being "tied down by the shackles of average/materialistic life (mortgage, etc)".  I had plans of my own that I definitely justified because they were for the good of others, to help, to save, to make a difference...of course God wanted that.  

Honestly, I still REALLY struggle with being a SAHM, at times.  Especially when I see/hear that people see me as "only" a SAHM or "it must be so nice that you can do that" - even though, it is, in many ways. But I am in this place for a reason.  I am learning to worship Jesus here.  I am (slowly/painfully) *learning* to love well.   It use to be my fear to be average.  Now, I fear being lost to myself and what *I* think is good for my life.  God has given me (and you!) gifts that I haven't even used and that I maybe don't even know exist.  And I am excited to just move forward, be present where I am at in life, and seek what God has in store.  

All that said as a preface to The Justice Conference.  It's a conference.  About Justice.  And I signed up for it...not really knowing why.  Right around the time I was contemplating signing up, one of my best friends (also a SAHM) from college, called me from Montana, and asked if I knew about the conference, that it just kept popping up on her radar, she didn't know why, or what it was really...but she, too, kinda felt like she should go.  When we signed up we both shared how awesome it was that in the "Occupation" drop down they actually had "Mom" as an option! We are relevant!

So tomorrow, two women, friends, mothers, wives, Jesus-lovers will embark on this conference, about Justice...seeking a way that we can weave our own thread into this broken world. Even if it just starts at home.  Learning to fully love and serve our families, neighbors, city and the world.


Jessi said...

So jealous! Would love to be there. I know I don't have to say this but, enjoy and be inspired! Then... blog about it!

lafalda said...

I'm so excited for you. Can't wait to hear all about it.


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