Man. I am a TERRIBLE blogger. Or terrible at regularly blogging.  Or perhaps both.  God knows, my grammar is pretty awful so that alone qualifies me for the first statement.  My friend, Jess, offered to be my editor...but that requires even MORE effort. I guess if people come here and voluntarily read my posts they're asking for a slew of bad grammar and syntax. 


So much has happened.  Yet I can't seem to remember any of it.  But seriously, I feel like the past month has been SO FREAKING BUSY.  I last blogged about the Justice Conference.  I've started (about a million times), trying to blog about it...but it's just SO MUCH!  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am *terrible* at summarizing.  Warning: don't ever ask me what a movie is about; either you'll hear the ENTIRE plot of the movie or I'll reply in a defeated voice that I hate summarizing movies.  And the Justice Conference...wow.  How do I explain the multiple paradigm shifts and gut wrenching, theology shaking messages I heard? Ooooh I know! I'll link to other peoples' blogs!

I swear, they took the same notes.  But seriously, I do want to share about it...what I took away and what is swirling and rising in me like sweet breads.  It was more than amazing to share the experience with my dear friend, Marni.   You know those friends that you don't see for years but literally the instant you're with them again, it's like you just saw them yesterday? Well, Marni is that friend.  She's the girl I can pour my heart out to, knows every deep dark secret of mine and she still loves me. 

Right before the conference started.  

 Kinda looks like JUST ICE.
 We walked to Chipotle for a dinner break the last day.  My burrito is quite the fatty.  Can't even button her pants!
 Om nom nom. Made it through half-way! Delicious leftovers.
Before taking Marni to the airport, we grabbed coffee at my favorite local coffee place:  The Bipartisan Cafe some coffee and coconut cream pie for this nice lady and some coffee and chocolate mint cream pie for myself. 

One MAJOR highlight of the conference was this guy, Micah Bournes.  Honestly, when I first heard what he does I was kinda, "meh...not really my thing" and kiiiinnnndddaaa unfairly had low-expectations.  Gosh, that sounds so horrible and judgmental...probably because it is. Here's part of the description from The Justice Conference site

"Micah began rapping while attending Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. From there he began blending and bending genres as he incorporated spoken word poetry, rhythm & blues, and funk into his music."

I was not prepared for what I encountered.  Honestly, I have never heard words so amazing, profound, clear and inspired from an artist.  World Relief, the main conference sponsor made it possible for everyone attending to get his album and dvd of spoken word/poetry for free.  Sometimes, I just put it in the dvd play and drift off into a nap listening to it.  I had my friend, Shannon, over and told her we were going to watch it.   She too, was unexpectedly blown away.  Some of my favorites: Ex Nihilo, Every Poem, Normal Hair (you can find this one on YouTube), I Am Not The Future, Who Broke Africa?, Thank God For Evolution.

This is one he performed at the beginning of the conference: Sure Win

So, this was going to be a catch-all post and it's become a JUSTICE CONFERENCE post...and I haven't even REALLY told you about the conference! SEE!?? Horrible at summarizing.  

I will end by sharing a few favorite quotes:

  • "Righteousness does not equal morality, purity, personal piety. In the Bible Righteousness is often synonymous with Justice." - Ken Wytsma
  • "Justice surfaces the need for and is made complete by grace - I cannot be fully just, but I have the need for perfect Justice." - Ken Wytsma
  • "In the fabric of relationships, Justice is 'what ought to be.'" - Ken Wytsma
  • We need Justice but we need God moreso." - Miroslav Volf
  • "We are called to do more than just tolerate.  The reach of God's love is the scope of our respect." - Miroslav Volf
  • "You will find that honoring has slowly morphed into a love, and even a love of enemy." - Miroslav Volf
  • "We tell the poor, 'you can be rich.' This isn't working.  The poor need our presence as partners with them." - John Perkins
  • "To have the gospel without justice is to have no gospel at all." Dr John Perkins 
  • 'Christians are a huge threat to the status quo when they act out a reformed world--justice.' -Walter Brueggemann 
  •  "Jesus is God bodied on earth to serve those without an advantage." Walter Brueggemann
  • "A man acting out of Justice for the vulnerable is a threat to the socio-economic/political powers that be...it would put their advantages at risk." - Walter Brueggemann
  • "Justice in it's purest form can be expressed in the simple call to be neighborly." - Rick McKinley
  • "It takes a radical infusion of the grace of God to reverse my propensity for greed/self." Rick McKinley
  • "We are following in the dust of a Rabbi who moved into our neighborhood and resurrected it." Rick McKinley
  • "Rescuing them isn't enough. We need to change the environment they grow in." - Rachel Lloyd in the topic of sex trafficking. 
  • "When the human trafficking fad moves on, what have we created that is sustainable?" - Rachel Lloyd
  • "The One left with any right to throw a stone has absolutely no inclination to do so." Shane Claiborne
  • "When we feel a call by the Spirit, for Justice, and yet let it fall by the wayside, we are sinning."  - Stephen Bauman
  • "In American life, the older we get the 'safer' we get but in light of the Scripture it doesn't make sense...As we grow in the Lord shouldn't our faith increase? Doing crazier and crazier things?" - Francis Chan
  • "Don't let anyone talk you out of the compassion you feel right now. People will always push back." - Francis Chan



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