Two years ago Chris and I found our home.  After looking at unlivable house after unlivable house...well, livable to rats and cockroaches, perhaps...we found our sweet little ranch home in EEEEAAAASSSTTTT Portland...where we had never thought to even look.  

Honestly, sometimes it's a mystery to me that we fell so deeply in love with this house.  It was kinda ugly in a lot of ways.  Forrest green with beige trim and a poop brown garage door, chipped and worn porch, a DISASTER *still kinda is*(see, here and here) of a backyard.  But the moment I stepped through the front door of this tiny house my heart just raced and I literally felt the endorphin flow.  And I knew. Gosh, this story is almost more romantic than when I met my husband *not really*!  

Since then, it's been a labor of love to help it begin to shine.  Sometimes it's our (or can I just say, my *haha*) labor to better our house but most times seems to be hiring someone else's labor.  I really desire to be a handy lady and have the stamina for all the projects that need to be done...but  often it just doesn't happen and my husband usually just wants someone else to do it.  

Recently, we hired such labor to give this place a face-lift....or maybe less-dramatically, a little makeup.  Last year we saved up to get a new roof because ours had expired.  This year was the PAINT JOB! I've been looking forward to painting our home ever since we moved in.  Not only were the former paint colors beyond gross all of the chipping, bubbling, rotting, fading...not too pretty.  

This is not what it looked like when we bought it but rather during the prep phase before painting. We actually had to have a fair amount of siding replaced (and sadly still may need more done).  

It looks scary and abandoned, ay? 

Chris and I deliberated about colors.  My husband is not usually particular about things of this nature but every now and then he gets a little passionate about his opinion.  In this case, when he saw the swatch for Sherwin Williams' Foggy Day (bluish gray) he confidently announced, "That is the one. That's the color."  We did try other color samples on the house but each time he firmly said his pick was Foggy Day.  I wanted a pop of color for at least the front door but it soon became ALL of the doors to have that blast of color.  I looked on Pinterest and Google images and without even trying a sample decided to go for a crazy orange. YES....ORANGE!  Benjamin Moore has this color called Buttered Yam.  Who WOULDN'T want a buttered yam front door!?  

I admit. I was kind of freaking out when I saw this as they were painting the doors.  Had I made the right choice!?  I'll let you all decide what you think of the after!

 We desperately need some new house numbers.  Our current numbers *not displayed* are literally a laminated paper.  I would love an updated light fixture by the garage door and a cool plaque with the trim color and some modern house numbers by the light. Something like this: 
house numbers

Also would love to create a new layout for the front.  I want to get ride of the wrought iron, put some pretty new beams in there, tear out the brick planter by the front door, replace it with a front step and create a whole new walkway from the garage to the front door so the porch can be just a porch and not a thoroughfare.  

I really want to get two big ceramic planters to go on each side of the wrought-iron and plant some decorative grasses.  Also, maybe a cool/funky outdoor rug and some other unique accessories for the front porch.   
You can't see our current doorbell but it's the Liberty Bell with an eagle on it.  I wouldn't mind updating that little detail with something like, perhaps, this:
Waterglass Studios Handmade Art Nouveau Style Solid Brass Door Bell Style 1612   or Harvey Round Iron Doorbell  or  doorbell?
Seriously! If I had something like the latter example, I could update it with all sorts of things "Babies napping", "Come Aboard The Starship Enterprise", whatever! 
 Gonna update that brick at some point.  It's cracking and bulging.  Maybe in a couple years knock it out and build a more modern/pretty retaining wall.  
 Don't even get me started on what I want to do with the back yard!  
I.Am.Totally.In.Love.With.Our.House!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously, it's like a second honeymoon!  Everything turned out even better than I could have imagined and I almost feel like it was luck...because seriously, I didn't know what I was doing when picking out colors!  

It's been so fun to see people taking walks down our street and literally stopping and staring at our house and gesturing to the person with whom they're walking.  I will choose to believe that it's because they LOVE the house as much as we do! 

Whew! It feels good to have that project out of the way, even though the only work I did was bring the painters coffee and tea.  


Anonymous said...

I've started feeling a little stressed about the home buying process but this post has made me excited again!!! love it!!!! and how cute are those doorbells?!

Katie Fleming said...

I love your house! So pretty:-) You guys have done a great job fixing it up!!

Katie Fleming said...

BTW I love the door color! Looks absolutely amazing with the blue siding and white trim! Love it:-) Wish I could be there drinking ice tea with you on the porch... so homey!


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